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Rockers!! I know y'all probably thought that we'd bring more of a play by play on ROCKLAHOMA, the Southwest's Ultimate Rock Festival this past weekend. I was planning on having updates and pictures and LIVE video going on every day. I was totally excited that SKOM could bring those that were elsewhere in the world a look at the 4 day festival almost as if y'all were there with me. I mean, technology IS so advanced that on paper, I could have literally had a live feed the entire time either through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

And in a normal circumstance where I would have had ample time to plan, I would have found out the deets rather than just assume that accessibility to tools like the internet or cell usage would work like it does in my home in Texas. I mean, why would I make sure that cell coverage for 4G would be available in Northeastern Oklahoma? Surely they too use smartphones like we do? Or that the festival itself would know that if up to 70,000 people could end up coming all four days, that maybe getting some additional temporary towers or boosters might be beneficial. Let's be honest, if you're a Gen Xer or above, the cell probably doesn't leave your hand much during a social activity like a concert, right? Not to mention if you're actually going to camp there for those four nights, having service might be important to those that are staying. 

It wasn't the case with ROCKLAHOMA because I literally found out that I was going on Monday before the show kicked off on Thursday the 25th. Ya, as in Monday, May 22nd. So those 3 days prior to departure were spent preparing for things that we don't use daily; like tents, propane to light a stove top, food to cook, etc. Not to mention pulling artists out to catch their sets and confirming interviews along with creating content that dealt with Chris Cornell's passing since SOUNDGARDEN was scheduled to perform on the 27th. I mean, I spent a day gathering up info about the band LIVE since I had not planned on writing about them at all. That's not a slam against Live; I love their music and one of my Top 25 songs has to be "Lightening Crashes" from way back in 1993 (wasn't it?). 

Preparing for a trip like this takes a good solid seven days if not longer, don't you think? It's a wonder that we even made it there when we did. In light of this, I'll actually be posting a review of each day of the festival as planned, just not live and all fancy-like. 

Truly, I hope you enjoy this Overview as much as I did covering it! It was an experience to say the least and if anything, I hope that after reading my experience you'll be even more prepared to go make your own!

Oh, and if you were there, please hashtag your pics you'd like to be put into the picture video I'm doing of everything that happened at this year's show. Just tag #CherriROK2017 (or retag on your original posts) and I'll scoop up the pics and add it to our video. You have until the June 13th to get your tags on! Can't wait to see your pics!