just joe live at the lost horizon


Live at the Lost Horizon


Joe Altier


9.999999999 out of 10




I try not to review Best Of albums and Live albums (best of just in front of an audience) but when something as powerful as Just Joe’s Live at the Lost Horizon comes across my desk it is impossible to ignore and imperative that I let as many people know as possible how utterly amazing this disc is.

Joe Altier is the former voice of Brand New Sin and the current vocalist for Elephant Mountain as well as his solo project, Just Joe. The man has a voice like no other and Live at the Lost Horizon’s reworking of some of his most famous works shows just how powerful and evocative his voice is.

The disc/show opens with a reworked Sad Wings from the self titled Brand New Sin debut album. Slow, emotive and haunting, Sad Wings has never sounded so powerful and it was the standout track on their debut album to begin with. As powerful as the original song was, this reworking is gut wrenching and such an epic way to open a show. It truly sets the tone for the whole disc.

The album has a little bit of everything. There are BNS songs, Elephant Mountain songs, Just Joe originals, and covers of Simple Man (that BNS recorded by never released because Shinedown beat their label to the punch and BNS’ version is/was so much stronger and better than Shinedown's) Jolene, along with songs by Marshall Tucker Band, and Dixie Hustler.

You know I always have at least one complaint about any album or show I am reviewing and my one and only complaint about this disc is that My World should have been the show closer. I say this because Sad Wings opens it with such a definitive note and tone and My World closes the set out the same way. And then there’s another song. Had the show/album ended on My World this would be simple perfection. There is nothing wrong with the cover of Dixie HustlersGoodnight My Shadow, but the reworking of My World will rip your heart and stomp upon it all over the Lost Horizon stage. So mesmerizing and strong, it finishes were Sad Wings starts. Two perfect book ends to a phenomenal set.

And I take umbrage with Joe calling Missin’ You a turd in a punch bowl. Yes, Sad Wings and My World were the big songs off Brand New Sin’s debut album but my favorite BNS tune of all time is Missin’ You and I understand what he’s trying to say that it just didn’t fit on that album but I disagree completely. Not only is it a great diversion from the rest of the power house songs on the album, without Missin’ You the debut album would have been lacking a certain depth and finesse that the song brings to it. The self titled album may have just been written off as just a bunch of cock rock but Missin’ You gave the whole album a little more credence that it needed and allowed the album and the listener to breathe for a second and connect to the music on a slightly deeper level.

Joe Altier has left his mark on 3 Brand New Sin albums, 2 Elephant Mountain discs, several Just Joe Eps and albums, and let’s not forget all of his guest vocalist appearances And while this is self described as a career retrospective it is actually much more. It is a collection of songs and moments reworked into one magical night that we should all feel honored to be allowed to share now with him and each other.

Once in a Lifetime? Are you kidding me? One has to wonder if the aforementioned Sad Wings, My World and Once in a lifetime were released in the form they are here if Brand New Sin wouldn’t have taken over the ‘Next Big Thing’ slot they were so deserving of when they were still active.

There are a few ways you can get a hold of Live at the Horizon by Just Joe.

Here is how to BUY/STREAM the new album:
Website: http://tinyurl.com/m3feh43
iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/k92u5dv
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/lxesp2k
CD Baby: http://tinyurl.com/myzt5cn
Google Play: http://tinyurl.com/k9uwu4h
Spotify: http://tinyurl.com/khr97s2


Live at the Lost Horizon:

1. Sad Wings (Brand New Sin)
2. Grace (Just Joe)
3. Past & Wreckage (Elephant Mountain)
4. Jolene (Ray LaMontagne)
5. Missin' You (Brand New Sin)
6. Once In A Lifetime (Brand New Sin)
7. Take Me Back (Just Joe)
8. Pray (Elephant Mountain)
9. Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
10. The Captain (Just Joe)
11. Can't You See (Marshall Tucker Band)
12. My World (Brand New Sin)
13. Goodnight My Shadow (Dixie Hustler)