Wide Asleep

MichMich Records

Rating: 7 out of 10

Review by: Slim Jim Keller






Sometimes writing for a music website is awesome. You get the new Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration, LULU, a week or two before everyone else (and get to be the first one jamming #2 pencils in your ears to make the pain go away). Sometimes you get to shoot a band that you’ve followed for 30 years and never gotten to see live before (and are totally blown away by how good they still sound and the show they put on). And sometimes you get asked to do reviews of young upstart bands that no one’s ever heard of (and there’s usually a good reason why).


Well today is that day. I love it when the mail comes because you never know in my house what is going to show up on any given day. Usually its good things like new CDs or DVDs of bands that you’ve actually heard of and like. And some days you get a bands debut and you can’t make it through 3 songs before LULU starts to sound good. Heaven forbid you actually know someone in the band, and they want your ‘honest’ opinion of their new band.


Given ELUSORY’s pedigree I wasn’t too concerned about having another LULU on my hands. Founded by David Morgan (AOD) and Anthony Casaletto (UNSOUND) both formerly of the insanely too short lived MagneHead out of Raleigh, North Carolina in 2012, the band started as a side project of the two former band mates. After some time they found Mike Wells to pull vocal duties for them and the trio was born.


For a self described Progressive Rock/Metal band their debut shows a lot of influence from today’s Modern Hard Rock heavy weights. Vocally they range between the San Francisco Metal Masters Machine Head and Killswitch Engage. Musically you take the Melody of Machine Head and guitar crunch and ferocity of a Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall and Trivium and sprinkle with the occasional odd ambient noise/tones of Disturbed.


At first listen there is a certain sameness to the 11-song disc making it a little hard to discern between one song and another. But that fades away quickly once you get into the meat of the album and tunes like Shove It, Helpless, and Wide Asleep show a depth of song writing that you may overlook at the beginning.


Once you hit my favorite song on the record, Vanishing, you just crank the music a little louder, take a longer pull on your beer, and let yourself get lost in the unique arrangement and time changes. The guitar work on Vanishing is the best on the disc by far. And would be my first single for the album followed closely by the extremely Machine Head-sounding A King Sits Alone. And I say that as a compliment. More people should strive to sound like Machine Head. Hell, more people should know who Machine Head is! A King Sits Alone isn’t just a Machine Head rip off.. It stands on its own with some brutal guitar riffs and buzz saw sounds backed by David’s relentless pummeling drums. And the vocals for King are absolutely the best on the record (ok, maybe A King Sits Alone is now my favorite track on the album).


That’s the dilemma with this disk though. Every time you think you’ve got ELUSORY’s sound figured out, the next song starts and they’re throwing curve balls at your head at 300 MPH. All I know is that by the time the album is over, you’re starting it from track one again and before you know it, you’ve spent the last 4 hours listening to Wide Asleep and not being able to let it go. And that, my friends, is the highest compliment you can give an album today.


ELUSORY’s Wide Asleep drops on you poor unsuspecting fools July 7th. And you can go to elurosyrocks.com for information on how to obtain your own copy.

You’ll thank me later.