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210 Kapones

San Antonio, TX

Posted by: Slim Jim Keller



Sometime in 1984 I’m sitting at a friend’s house on a Friday or Saturday night and we’re watching MTV and this video comes on that is something straight out of the movie Excalibur. There’s a knight, dudes in futuristic armor, and they are rocking the fuck out on a song called Can U Deliver. The band was Armored Saint and while that video doesn’t hold up 30+ years later, the song certainly does. That, ladies and gentlemen, is when I became an Armored Saint fan.


Now the only problem with being an Armored Saint fan is never getting to see them live. They haven’t been the most active band over the years and they tour less than The Rolling Stones. There’s been many a reason why they haven’t spent a lot of time on the road over the years, death of band members, John Bush joining Anthrax, the band going into hibernation multiple times for multiple years, etc. All that is to say that listening to the Saint for 30 plus years and I have yet to be able to see them perform live.


Well that all changed last Saturday night when Armored Saint and Saxon came to San Antonio to take part in 210 Kapones’ two-day metal festival. Standing out on the deck in front of the venue taking in the sites of all the old school denim and leather I was really surprised at how many ‘old school’ metal fans there were in attendance that night. When I think of San Antonio I don’t think a hot bed of Metal music. But Friday and Saturday night changed all of that for me.


Armored Saint are doing a short run of shows with Saxon to promote their new album Win Hands Down that comes out on June 2nd. So when I saw the San Antonio date being the closest to me, there was no way I wasn’t going to finally see the Saint live.

While the band wasn’t headlining, they packed as much into as short a time as possible for us fans. Every album was represented from March of the Saint to Win Hands Down. The Saint was in fine form also, I mean when you’re only doing about two weeks worth of shows its kind of hard not to be, but the reverse of that is that when you aren’t road warriors, performing live doesn’t come naturally and sometimes you never really knock the rust off if you don’t spend any real time on the road. While I could have used about another forty-five minutes to an hour of Armored Saint, the set list I did get was almost everything I could have asked for.

I’ve said for years that John Bush is one of my top three male vocalists ever. Chris Cornell and Mike Patton may have a broader range than John Bush, but his balls out delivery is almost unmatched in metal and hard rock period.


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From March of the Saint to Reign of Fire, Can U Deliver to Chemical Euphoria Bush belted out the Saint ‘hits’ like only he can. I loved him in Anthrax and the music they made together and shows I saw with him in the band were the best I’d ever seen of them (until the following night at River City Rockfest… but more on that later). Seeing and hearing John perform with Armored Saint finally was magic to behold. Gonzo bashing away on the drums while Joey Vera danced around his bass lines like a mad man on stage was everything I always expected a Saint show to be. Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan laying down those timeless Armored Saint riffs was truly a pleasure to behold as well.




Armored Saint doesn’t give you many opportunities to see them perform. So if you see/hear of them anywhere remotely near you, then you pack up the car and hit the road and go see them. Who knows when we’ll ever get the chance to do the Tribal Dance with the Armored Saint ever again?!?!?!


You can see all of my photos from the show right HERE.


And you can pick up your own copy of Win Hands Down right HERE.


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