OCTOBER 23, 2017

Gas Monkey Bar & Grill

Dallas, TX

Review by: Cherri Bird


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When you have a band that often draws out some pretty deep or to say the least, buried emotions, you know that connection is more than just rockin’ out or a party song that you and your chums sing while hanging out somewhere. There are those that walk among us that are meant to deliver these connections from a power greater than themselves; these people are here on Earth, you just have to find them or be open to letting them find you.


I first saw GEMINI SYNDROME last summer during their tour that was queuing up for their latest work “MEMENTO MORI” to drop. Now, it’s not the first time I had heard of the band and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the first time I was seeing them live. I sat in on an interview with a colleague and as I listened to AARON NORDSTROM, singer for the band, with his soft-spoken voice, but loud AF words, it was the first time I remember connecting with their music on a different level.




Signs and symbols are all around us. I think our subconscious looks for them or they look for those that are paying attention. It’s not a secret either that GEMINI SYNDROME uses symbols and signs in their music, artwork and in their daily life actually. Truth be told, I think AARON has the innate ability to capture these vibrations from this whacky world we live in and interpret them as he sees fit.


Now, what I dig is that AARON’s interpretations or his perceptions have translated to something that I have been able to understand and absorb. Like the track “Sorry Not Sorry” is not only a song that is appealing because of the way it’s written - the drops and bridge that give a jump and fists up kinda groove. Fused with the melody of the song are they lyrics that fuse the thought-provoking pieces, at least for me, that make this band so strong. Same with “Remember We Die” and going back to 2013 with “Stardust”. (Oooh and this is one of my favorite songs from that year, PS. I adore the melody and the chorus and the bassline is sick AF.)


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It’s one thing to pick this up from a record; it’s a whole other thing for a band to be able to deliver this live. GEMINI SYNDROME, hands down, delivers what a listener finds trapped in the songs of their records. From what an audience member sees on stage with the animated and engaging way BRIAN STEELE MEDINA plays the kit, to AP’s boisterous bass playing, to the righteous riffs ringing through MEEGS’ and MAX’s guitars. Not to mention the very stoic movements of AARON around the stage; almost like a shaman that is showing the audience all of the secrets of humanity and the age-old questions of life.


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Call me crazy, but that is what I pulled out of the rabbit’s hat from GEMINI SYNDROME’s show at GAS MONKEY BAR AND GRILL this last Monday. The crowd for a Monday before Halloween wasn’t bad and they were all up in it for GEMINI SYNDROME. These were the fans that every band wants in their back pocket. And I know that GEMINI SYNDROME has some amazing fans that follow them religiously. Hearing from Dallas’ own DARK AVENUE was a treat and the stage was set with the heat from MARIO’s booming vocals, not to mention the rest of the band. I love DARK AVENUE and if you haven’t heard them, you need to. SPOKEN and DEADSET SOCIETY continued throwing fuel on the fire for GEMINI SYNDROME.


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Yes, yes my friends you can find the answers you’re seeking in music. AARON’s choice with where he places his words within the beats and the cadence of the verses captivate those that are listening or that are open to the vibrations that are flung wildly out of this band. I am not even sure they recognize how fast they’re lobbing out these chunks from their music when they’re playing. You can almost see the wake left from the energies that are fired off the stage!


There are those that walk among us that are messengers. Like AARON’s title defines him, he brings the same message in a live show that you’ll find on the records. Only, what you’re supposed to hear, you’ll not only hear; you’ll see it coming at you. It is up to you though to catch or take in these messages from those that are sent to deliver them.


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GEMINI SYNDROME has a few dates left on this tour so check out if they’re coming to your area. If they are, go. You might find something that you’ve been looking for - or that’s been looking for you.

GEMINI SYNDROME is: Alessandro AP Paveri | Dirty Low End * Meegs Rascõn | Guitars + Screams* Brian Steele Medina | Percussion + Art * Aaron Nordstrom | Messenger * Max Georgiev | Touring Guitar


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