For those not familiar with WEDNESDAY 13 and his band of Murder Metal Minstrels, you’re missing out. “Oh? Why?” you ask? Well, if you’re a “More Than” music fan - meaning you enjoy more than just the sound coming out of a radio or portable music device and you dig the theatrics of live music, then this is for you. However, if you are a More Than Fan then chances are you already know about WEDNESDAY 13 because he’s been doing this for freakin’ ever and he’s just getting better.

Case in point, his recent merge with NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS. For a veteran of the industry, you just don’t get picked up by this label unless you’ve done and will continue to do some pretty bad ass things in your career. And for those that thought WEDNESDAY 13 was a fleeting thought way-back-when, I guess the past speaks for the present, no?

WED13 BW 3 CBFor you More Than Fans that are not familiar with the band, I’m going to charge you with getting to know HRH The Duke of Spook (as I read him referred to a while back) and his band; because in doing so I will have not only done my job, but I will have introduced you to one of the best performers of Horror Metal the stage has ever seen. #truth #nojoke #seriously

What makes me sing the praises of WEDNESDAY 13’s music so much? It’s really twofold actually. I dig the hell out of being entertained watching a live show. I mean there are concerts and there are shows, right? I love both but when it comes to being entertained, give me some dramatics, theatrics, lights, props and costumes with bad assery, and you’ve just made a FFL (fan for life). WEDNESDAY 13 does this in ridiculous ways. First, the music is riveting; you can bang your head, you can bounce and throw up your rock horns, you can get lost in thought and you can just feel the entirety surround you. Second, the show is eerie AF and while there aren’t explosions and bright lights blinding you, the same feelings are there watching a WEDNESDAY 13 show...only they’re within your mind not right in front of you like an open book test.

And if I can be frank, there really is a third reason and please don’t take this out of context or lightly. WEDNESDAY 13 is hot AF. The whole band is sexy AF. I mean, isn’t that what makes us wanna rock? Isn’t that what all the crazies in the 50’s warned us about Rock n Roll stirring up in our youth, all those thoughts of naughties stirring our thoughts and distracting us from the righteous and good? So f’ing glad that movement falls on deaf ears when it is brought up every 10 to 15 years.

WED 13 RED MASK 1 CBSee what I mean? A mean ass rock show!

Take those three things: the music, the feelings of your own doing and the overall hotness of the band, add in the rolling fog, low lighting and the shadows that are created from them; you have one entertaining AF rock show. It is magnificent how all of what you see and feel melts with what you hear from WEDNESDAY 13 to create the semblance of coming out of the last flashes of a bad dream or hazy nightmare. But actually it’s not scary in the sense of like seeing blood and guts - it’s the thoughts that swarm around songs like “Blood Sick” or “What the Night Brings” that will give you the heebs in that killer way, you know? Isn’t this why Horror Metal fans love the music? For me, yep.

Check out what I mean with “What the Night Brings” off the newest release “CONDOLENCES” video.


I love that song - and just an example of why I love WEDNESDAY 13 so much - both recordings and shows. Those creepy crawlies of your own making are more f’ed up than someone feeding you their versions, am I right?


The new album from NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDSCONDOLENCES” is out now and available online anywhere music is sold. Like here for instance.

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See WEDNESDAY 13 on the final dates of his summer Condolences Tour in the US:
7/18 — The “O” Bar — Minot, ND
7/20 — Starlite Room — Edmonton, ALB
7/21 — Dickens — Calgary, ALB
7/23 — Studio Seven — Seattle, WA


















European bloodsick2017EUROPEAN TOUR - BLOODSICK TOUR

And Europe - prepare for the arrival of WEDNESDAY 13 on your soil with these dates and appearances:

26.10. Club Academy – Manchester, UK
27.10. Garage – Glasgow, UK
28.10. Islington Academy – London, UK
31.10. La Boule Noire – Paris, France
01.11. Upstairs @ Melkweg – Amsterdam, Holland
02.11. Bi Nuu – Berlin, Germany
03.11. Headcrash – Hamburg, Germany
04.11. Beatpol – Dresden, Germany
05.11. Rock Café – Prague, Czech Republic
07.11. Chelsea – Vienna, Austria
08.11. Hansa 39 – München, Germany
09.11. Kellerclub – Stuttgart, Germany
10.11. Legend – Milan, Italy
12.11. Werk 21 – Zürich, Switzerland
13.11. D Dortmund – FZW Club – Dortmund, Germany
14.11. Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, Germany
16.11. Nosturi – Helsinki, Finland








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