Asking me to go see ROYAL THUNDER and to do a Show Review is silly because the answer will be, now and forever, a Big Fat Greek YES! ROYAL THUNDER is a 4 piece rock band from Georgia that has of late, gained a ton of ground from their April 2017 release of the LP “WICK” via Spinefarm Records, finished a Spring tour throughout the US with BJORN BORG and made a musical appearance on NPR’s TINY DESK CONCERT Series (watch the performance here) and continues their live appearances in 2017 by playing PSYCHO LAS VEGAS in August amid other festivals around the country. 

In addition to the review of the show, I included my Top 5 Reasons Seeing Royal Thunder Live Will Save Your Soul - especially for SomeKindOfMedia. So here theY are sprinkled through the review of their show here in Dallas!


1. YOUR SOCIAL LIFE WILL BE SAVED BY SEEING ROYAL THUNDER - what better way to advance in your social circles than by quoting a lyric from ROYAL THUNDER and while just quoting from a song is cool and possibly hash-worthy; saying you were there to sing it with them (accompanying a Go Live post, of course) will "afternoon delight" your standings amongst friends.

If you’re not familiar with ROYAL THUNDER, I would tell you that you should go listen to them immediately, hand you my phone where I keep my music, and tell you to go listen to THE SINKING CHAIR, APRIL SHOWERS and PUSH. What comes to mind when I think of describing ROYAL THUNDER is loosely based on a hybrid mix of high-country, biscuit and ham sadwich, wrapped in wax paper Georgia folk, northern California surf music, and a way of communicating via prose like Jim Morrison. In fact, if the essence of Jim Morrison’s lineage could be squeezed into a genetic marker; I would guarantee that each RT member has it within their DNA helix. The kind of sound that myths are made of and only comes along every once in a blue moon or some other kind of miraculous, universal happenstance and well it is definitely prevalent in the works of ROYAL THUNDER, in MHO anyway.

2. YOU CAN CHANNEL THOSE EMOTIONAL CRAZIES - this will save your life in so many ways, it's not even funny. Let's say you have a nice pot of resentment stew left over from your last relationship. Heating that up at their show will benefit you more than say, in front of his/her friends. You can scream out the lyrics and if you have to cry it out, it's cool. No one will notice or care because they'll probably be crying too.

RT JOSH CB SMALLBut I’m not here to tell you how they sound, see that is the beauty of music - it is subjective to so many variables. What I am here to do is to try to convince you to go see them if they’re coming to your area. I mean, that’s the purpose of a show review, right? ROYAL THUNDER was in Dallas with CROBOT and local gurus ORTHODOX FUZZ last week (July 5, 2017) at THE CURTAIN CLUB in Deep Ellum. I loved the fact that this show only had 3 bands on the bill and that I didn’t have to arrive at the club at 3 PM and set up camp until closing time.

3. YOU WON'T HAVE TO HAVE INSANE ARGUEMENTS ABOUT WHICH GENRE OF MUSIC IS BETTER - we've all had them and I think these kinds of discussions are needed to foster the favorites of a person's musical taste. Seeing ROYAL THUNDER live will melt all of those preconceived notions about who in music is responsible for creating what sub-genre and when. ROYAL THUNDER just puts everything all together and squishes it up and pushes it out like your grandma making venison sausage in her kitchen. This band takes rock, metal, heavy grooves, and a smidge of a sound that can only be pulled up from the depths of something mythical and swirls it around creating their music. You can use your knowledge of their music and their live show as examples when you're faced with the genre arguement and while you may not win every one, but you'll definately be able to throw in ROYAL THUNDER with every example. 

Now, this night in Deep Ellum, as I walked to the venue, the swampy, summer evening brought a buzz of excitement seeing the band fully rested as this tour with CROBOT kicked off here in Dallas kicked off. I was ready to rock! Inside I was trying to cool off at the front of the stage where I have stood for countless shows over the years at THE CURTAIN CLUB and patiently waited. And as the curtain opened, and the first measures blared out from this mighty 4 piece's music that cut into the space above the audience; I could literally feel this anchor of music being dropped into the center of the room that would literally keep anyone in the club from moving for the next 40 minutes.

4. YOU WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO FEEL THE EMOTIONS REFERENCED EARLIER IN WAYS THAT YOU ONLY THOUGHT POSSIBLE. How can this actually save you? Well, trust me - it's better to let music assist you in processing emotions than your BFF. See, your BFF is either going to tell you what you wanna hear or tell you the truth, which you won't be able to hear anyway. Allowing music, especially ROYAL THUNDER music, to take what you can't put into words or what you don't even know you're feeling untangle said emotions and feel them is so much better for you. And will save you from those public outbursts that you have no idea why or how they happened!

RT ED CB SMALLI swear, the room was so still and everyone was just gawking at the stage in a trance almost. The band played spot on. Every song whether we knew the words or not was delivered with purpose and after each one, it seemed we were in unison with a serious universal rhythm. The first half of their set, ROYAL THUNDER played songs off WICK and the last half was from CROOKED CHAIRS and CVI. MLNYs voice was f’ing epic, even as she reached the upper register of her voice, what came out was strong, perfect and we were all awestruck. I felt like I was being knocked into reality with every song, every truth that was, was for those moments.

I swear, the hairs on my legs probably grew like 2 centimeters during those 40 minutes because the goosebumps were like making tiny villages all over my body. JOSH reminded me of a wild, orchestral conductor in the way he moved on stage; it was purposeful in guiding the band and the audience to the same place where the music was. It was fucking amazing.

A couple of friends that work there and see bands all the time and rarely comment about a band’s performance no matter what happens on stage or how good, never comment about the band itself. It's always "I had fun tonight" or "So And So was loud", feneral stuff like that. Not the case for ROYAL THUNDER’s show though. One person, who I can’t even get to give me a thumb’s up when there’s a good band on stage because they have just seen so many, commented on my social media how “bad ass” ROYAL THUNDER was.

5. YOU WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE RYTHYM OF THE UNIVERSE or tap into it even more after seeing ROYAL THUNDER. This last reason that ROYAL THUNDER will save you is based solely on my experience and may or may not be relevant to you. You might have already experienced this awakening and if so, then you know what I am talking about. Although this shouldn't deter you from seeing the band. In fact, it may solidfy your decision to buy tickets right this minute because once you find things that continue to excite this rythm within, you'll do anything to wake it up. 

You’re going to have to go see them. I mean you just have to. There isn’t any other way to say it than you just must. I know that this might be the last time to catch this band in a club setting so seeing them now, is imperative for your musical soul to be saved. So, JEWEL, the answer to your question "Who will save your soul?" is undoubtedly ROYAL THUNDER and that's an answer to sink your teeth into, for sure!


ROYAL THUNDER is: Miny Parsonz – bass/vocals, Josh Weaver – guitar, Evan Diprima - drums, Will Fiore - guitar
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Until Next Time - MRML

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All photos credited to Cherri Bird - all rights reserved, 2017.