DOYLE MAYLodi, a small borough of Bergen County, New Jersey, is just over two square miles. There’s not much to suggest that the small village would be the birthplace of a world famous, blood-soaked form of music known as horror punk. Legendary acts The Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig all have their origins in Lodi, and something monstrous indeed lurks there. The poster child and originator of the genre, himself, has once again unleashed an evil noise on an unsuspecting world: Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s first release, Abominator, by his eponymous band, Doyle. - Press Release, June 2, 2017


This 13 track, beastly collection of the newest brain matter from the band led by MISFITS guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, is constructed by the genetic extraction of horror metal and thrash slithering back in time to snag the dark matter from the Origin of Rock n Roll and just as a mad scientist tries their hand at creation, DOYLE succeeds in birthing the offspring that defines the sound of this record.

Elevated guitar riffs that pounce on the top of your hearing range like the swat and connect of a kitten's claw just to get your attention, As We Die is full of interruptive elements that make you bang your head, joust in a pit and jump up and down with fervor. And isn't that one of the reasons we listen to music? To excorcise some kind of feeling that is trapped inside? The entire band brings it fast AF with a few breaks scattered in here and there and of course provides fans with brutal imagery of the undead, the blood and trickery of the Dark and the creepy and the crawly's that come along with any horror nightmare (or daydream, depending on your perception). 

Here's the track by track lowdown on the Doyle new release for today, Friday June, 2: 

1. KISS ME AS WE DIE - oh the sexiness of a vampire's kiss as the life goes out of the body, am I right? (Y'all know the Tom and Brad kiss in Interview was hot, don't lie.) That surprise that the vampire sees as the living disapates - that's kind of how the first track is. The first verse says says something about "your fingers gently grabbing me by the wrist", I'll tell you there's nothing gentle about this song, though.The pulsing tempo mimics the energy between the biter and the bitee. I love the layered vocals and the female voice. She is haunting.

2. BEAST LIKE ME - totally terrifyingly true, Doyle is a beast on the guitar. Man, the guitar tone he generates is like a monster dragging the beast on a leash through the whole song and straight out of your speakers. Don't worry, it's doubtful he'll get out...

3. GOD OF FLIES - what a title of a song! Who'd want to be the God of Flies unless it was some kind of Underworld dark force kind of thing. But man, I love this song and the cut time at the beginning! The sing-along feel that's almost pretty...I said almost. Wait for the ending - this is dope AF because they'll slow it down just enough to come back and whack you back into reality.

4. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - the double time bass drum comes out swinging, almost like the panic-ridden jolt you get from that strange bump in the night. The guitars are amped up and weave in and out with the drums in a police chase. As RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ends, you kinda think you might have been for that song.

5. DARKSIDE - Gru.Some, blood ridden lyrics are burned into the fleshy feel of the guitars. Love the chuga-chugs of the guitars. They're almost a barrier to contain the gruel so it doesn't give you a full on cardiac arrest. Ya know what I mean?

6. WITCHCRAFT - What chick that grew up in the 70's didn't try to wiggle their nose like Samantha on Bewitched? Right? This song isn't about that kind of witchcraft at all though. It's echoes the shit that people were burned at the stake for. Only this is quite the love song, if you ask me. The chorus gives me an early rock-a-billy vibe and I dig the mixed elements because this isn't some witch with a petticoat. This is some casting spells on a lover kinda groove as you sing along with the chorus. 

7. KING OF THE UNDEAD - Dude, DOYLE is the master king of horror/dark metal. KING OF THE UNDEAD will stay with you after the song is over thrashing around like a newly turned vampire that  the air is sucked right out of you from the sheer power it contains. But what bit you wasn't a vampire - it was DOYLE, and frankly I'm almost guaranteeing a mark will be left...


8. VIRGIN SACRIFICE - So, this would be me because while I love MISFITS, I haven't been exposed to DOYLE. To be completely honest (say the next phrase with a thick Texas or Southern drawl), I don't think they let the Devil and his pirates down here in the South...we only let in the likes of the Lord. No I'm totally kidding - there is plenty of evil bastards and bitches amongst us in the Bible Belt, I assure you. So, back to the song - the shrill high chord of a guitar is the bait that lures you in as the tempo's hypnotic pace moves victims to that place where the sacrificial ones are kept. I love the way the progression moved me. 

9. WE BELONG DEAD - just like the interest section states on the band's Facebook page, on of their main interests is death, so it's not surprising that a song speaks to that. Metaphorically though, sometimes I think we do belong dead because that's how we act. This is another slugging balad only we're not dancing with a human or even a non-human at this ball. We're straight up dancing with death at a sock hop while the song makes us bleeds black, blood and metal. 

10. SHOW NO MERCY - Hell no!! Lyrically the song is meant to twist around our minds to make us believe that there are zombies, ghouls, murderers and evil that will not show us any mercy - and they're not kidding. It's guttural and thick and bad AF. Hell no! No mercy is going to be shown to us while the song grinds on. At the end, you think it's over but it's really that you've been decapitated with the final note. BAM!

11. DARK GODS ARISE - Killer tick-tock tempo and the eerie layer of freak in the background of this track slays. DOYLE takes the gift of inserting the right pump of guitar riffs in the places where the song can show them a nice bite mark on the side of the neck, it's hard to forget it is there. The doom factor is raised up a few notches because he says, "Dead Father - cursed Mother" and makes them do something to either wake up the dark gods or show them to us. Whatever it is it works. Scary AF.

12. BLOOD ON THE AXE - Speaking of mother...mother fucker the intro is so heavy and good. I love it. The imagery creeps up the spine and then breaks into the bloody assault of the sped up tempo of the drums echoes what the sound of the axe is making cutting through the bodies, spewing blood as he runs through the army coming for him...

13. NIGHT OF SIN - comes fast from the jump as it reacts to the act of sin - I don't think sin moves slow otherwise you'd have more time to think about it and not doing it. Then out of nowhere this slow groove beats you with a morning-star in the middle of the back...godam!! You're flung in the pit, snagged by the spikes of the ball jammed in your back, right back into being hunted by DOYLE and his arching, dark melodies and trance inducing lyrics.

AS WE DIE is an excellent record of dark antics and horror/dark metal that just happened to be played by one bad mother fucker. Which, oddly enough I can't wait to see the show live. The black heartedness of the show will be increased by the sheer presence of DOYLE and all of his minions that will just add to the theatrics of the night. Don't think I'm being smarmy here. I'm dead serious - I love to see a show! Entertain me and make me think about other things for an hour or so! Who cares if it might not be my go to genre or the band that was on my Spotify OCD playlist. If a band entertains me and gives me an experience, you can bet your sweet ass that the music will be soon after the show. 


Released on his own label Monsterman Records. Check the tour schedule for an appearance in your city on Facebook for more details on Meet and Greets and VIP ticket packages.