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SEETHER’s “Poison the Parish” is the band’s lucky number 7 studio recording and many of us have been waiting with bated breath for the release of this record after being teased with three singles the past few months; “LET YOU DOWN”, “NOTHING LEFT”, & “COUNT ME OUT”. Now, I can say that I haven’t said a whole lot about the singles because I wanted to hear the record as a whole and not base an entire opinion on the tickles of three songs, which by the way did make me a little giddy, I must confess.

What’s not to love really? There’s that raspy darkness in the unmistakable voice of SHAUN MORGAN’s voice that match the vagrant and hollow guitar tones, the brilliance of the bleak bass lines of DALE STEWART that can rattle the most stoic of fans and the sticky swells of percussive tempos in JOHN HUMPHREY’s drumming; all of which have defined Seether’s unique sound since their inception.

Poison the Parish” is a 15 track album that is chock full of these iconic elements and this record can now serve as their placeholder as rock icons that haven’t diminished or changed despite the climate around them. Kinda sounds like a tall order to fill, huh? Well, when you listen to the record think back to some of the things I heard when I listened and see if you don’t agree. I’ll break it down right now, song by song so follow along if it’s Friday and you have the album in hand! Ready? Ok!

STOKE THE FIRE - love the creepish intro and the lyric “darkness inside you shines” stands out. This song is a Hefty black trash bag of heavy, filled with a bleeding bass line that is Seether-style. The hook and vocals make me wanna jump for joy that my kinda metal is making another appearance on the big stage again.

BETRAY AND DEGRADE - nice harmony, Shaun’s voice is clear as Crystal Lake and just as you think it will stay serene so you can skinny dip, that distorted guitar drops and sends some wave-like ripples that would even make Ja-Ja-Jason jump and run from. The transitions that break this song up are massively placed and WHAT? Is that part at 2:54? Holy crap, I have to see this live!!!

SOMETHING ELSE - that’s doubtful it's anything else, if we’re going off the first 4 measures of this song. I hear the best of Seether; reworked, self-reflected and the band dug deep for this track. I love that Shaun has the hindsight we gain when we aren’t so young that we have no mortality but not so final as being so wise everything being said is a lesson. So pivotal - I want something else too, man...

I’LL SURVIVE - seductive acoustic beginnings and Shaun’s fucking best voice ever. The structure of the song is almost predictable and somewhat typical, but this is the best part. The flow of familiarity makes my soul stir and make me realize that it’s what I love most about Seether. Now when the guitar solo busts in - man, that tone!

LET YOU DOWN - I love the flow of this song which was the first single released, I believe and how that distortion of the guitar & bass breaks up the gorgeous chorus that overwrites like a mo-fo by the lyric. Drop it in like a hacker rerouting some gravely important train of 1’s and 0’s. The lyrics say to let the beauty out, say it because the more beauty there is the easier it is to see the ugly. The bridge makes you think just for a we all let everyone down?

AGAINST THE WALL - this is a slow dance you have with yourself - no! Not like that you dirty minded people! It’s a pretty melody and I love the honesty in Shaun’s vocal. That chord around 1:18 bounces off your chest because you feel what he just said and it’s like the slamming of a fist down on a table: WAKE UP! Is almost hidden somewhere in the perfect drums at the end as they mimic the souls’ pace. If you’ve felt this way - you get it. And like the rest of the record, I really could hear how much the mix stands out - it’s phat AF!! What comes out fills up every space between my ears, all the spaces! Yauus!!

LET ME HEAL - I like this song so much. It’s simple and it pleads for nothing but vocals, a beat and a light guitar to keep and hold the melody. The bass just swaggers back there waiting for the reaction that comes at the end to make it perfect. The lyrics make me believe that whatever anyone needs, we should be able to have it or give it, ya’ know?

SAVIOURS - OMG I WANNA HUG UP TO A PA and suck this song IN!! I love a bass line that is distorted AF and shakes up my innards. It’s all about where the song takes, you right? The bridge back to the chorus kicks your ass at the same time the message does. Again. And again. And again.

NOTHING LEFT - this track pours on the gooey all over my soul. The build up to the chorus makes me feel like belching from all the air I’ve taken in gasping for air anticipating that break! Godam! This song whips my’s gritty, slippery and exactly why Seether was beyond the times when they broke out. They had this inside the whole time and waited for us - and now, here it is!

COUNT ME OUT - Bitches!!! The chorus twists up my spine to my throat and just as I think I won’t be able to breathe, I let out a shriek and didn’t silence it. It’s a huge song that takes up a huge presence and silence isn’t an option. The end is the best part - wait for it!!

EMOTIONLESS - Once upon a time, we all have those people that come in and go out of our circle - this song reminds me of one of my frenemies and the demons they battled. Reminds me of being around them; I could literally feel the slug of the tempo of this song, like it was washing over them after they’d taken a pill of this or a pill of that. The echo behind the vocal is that past or that memory of addiction, choices, defects - that are still there, lying dormant. Y’all know what I mean? It’s a serious tune and one of those you put on when you wanna feel something else. (Sound familiar? Ya, see above...)

SELL MY SOUL - my gracious - this song feeds that lonely girl that’s inside of me and someone or something keeps throwing bread crumbs at her, luring her out from wherever it is she hides. The guitars in this song are Robert Johnson rich - right at the crossroads. I bet that’s what they wounded like, maybe. And would the fuckin’ devil want my soul as black and as cold as it is? Is a soul a soul, I wonder? But deep down, it’s gotta be the thickness in the bass that is waning satan away from us. Man, my heart sops up the syrupy mess the melody makes of my heart. Jebus.

FEELS LIKE DYING - the mix keeps every sound right where they’re supposed to be and I love it when things are all tidy in their place. So ya that chord progression at the chorus or pre chorus maybe - I wasn’t paying attention right there - too busy typing with goosebumps - but that f’ing move just dug a giant hole in my gut and almost made everything come out with that minor which always yank my heart out through my booty...

MISUNDERSTOOD - Yeah Shaun, I’ve been saying this forever. I’m totally mis...oh wait, it’s not totally talking about me? Oh, my bad. Well, I dig it because while I’m trying to pay attention to the soaring vocal and how it’s really strong here. I love it when there’s this happy like shoulder shakin’ beat to some lyrics that are talking about not needing him, or being disappointed...but I get it. I think it’s so true because that often feels like someone just shit down your mouth and then says “i’m kidding”, bitch, you’re not.

TAKE A MINUTE - wow, the tones are beautiful - from the beats to how Shaun’s voice seems to float on a bubble for a bit and then it pops open to expose this worn down sandpaper - this song, for me, contains the elements of what defines Seether. That change half way through, the semi-distorted guitar that opens up to seriously come at me like a ninja with two samurai swords, along with Shaun’s lyrics - the underlying energy that comes out and comes thick and bleeds out of my head....F ME!! Whew!!


"Poison the Parish" is a record that envelopes what continues to breed longevity inside rock. If you think one minute that a band that has recorded 7 records and has as the hits that SEETHER does is just going to magically sound completely like what’s currently going on in rock music, then you might wanna not think that. Now that’s not to say that can’t happen - it does all the time. SEETHER is an example that can blend current with their traditional sound (which again, may I remind you - iconic) or the sound that is synonymous with their band. And ya, I know there are other circumstances; members coming and going and different producers - blah blah. But for the point of THIS article - what you hear is what you get with Seether. They’re not reinventing the music they were ahead of back when they broke - how is that even possible? They’re using what they’re good at - well masters at and presenting it to be heard.

And for SEETHER, since they decided to go at it on their own and do this record themselves - label and all (Canine Riot Records), I think they went ballz in and came up victorious. I mean, this record could go up against any record that was produced and mixed by Whosey Whats - but I don’t know, I think SEETHER’s might have to come out on top for their first one, ya know? Not because it’s their 1st - but because it’s that good. Literally, I didn’t even remember until I went back and was referring to the press release for something and saw this: “Recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Poison the Parish marks the first album produced in its entirety by Morgan, the band’s lead singer and songwriter. Playing with a newfound ferocity and purpose, the new material gelled quickly, providing Morgan's dense, melodic grooves and brooding subject matter a gritty luster and room to breathe.” So fak yah, this record deserves it all - it has it all! I hope y’all pick “Poison the Parish” on May 12, 2017 and if you’ve already pre-ordered, you get a big cherry kiss from me! Watch for the band’s tour schedule this summer - check their social media pages (links in the black icons below) for all the details!

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Til next time - MRML

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