night ranger 35 years


35 Years and a Night in Chicago


Frontiers Music s.r.l


4 out of 10


Review by: Slim Jim Keller


So I really enjoyed Night Ranger back in the day. Their first couple of albums were really good until they went all poppy and shit.
So when they were coming out with a new DVD (seeing as how they don't tour for shit and I've never seen them live), I was excited to see/hear it.
Sadly, whomever directed/shot it is a nippledick. I don't care about the audience, I don't want to watch the concert through someone's phone. I don't want all red lights. I don't want the shitty angles, the shitty shots from the audience, I want to feel like I am there, but your shooting and editing skills are for shit. Jack Blade's voice isn't quite what it was, but it's even with that it is still good... Musically Brad Gillis can still tear it up (well as much as Night Ranger ever shredded... laughs) and the band sounds really good.
But visually this is such a shittily recorded concert....
Save your money... go back and listen to the original two albums and enjoy them.Or just pick up the CD of this concert. I can see enjoying the music, but save yourself from the video. You'll thank me later.
There is no saving grace here.