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Wiggy Thump Records


10 out of 10


Review by: Slim Jim Keller



You ever hear a song, or two, or a whole album and picture the songs playing out as a soundtrack in your head?

Have you ever seen the TV shows Justified or Sons Of Anarchy? Have you ever heard Whiskey Myers? Have you ever seen/heard a better soundtrack to a TV show that no longer exists than their new album Mud?

There is nothing on television right now to my knowledge that would serve a better picture pallet to the musical landscape that is Whiskey Myers’ new album, Mud.

I must be on some kind of swamp music kick as of late. Everything I pick to listen to is deep fried deep south, swampy-boogie woggie-feet stompin’ rock and roll. And Whiskey Myers tops the list currently.


Never heard of them? Well I hadn’t either until I went to see the 2016 Carnival Of Madness Tour with Shinedown, Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry, and Whiskey Myers. With Whiskey Myers being the break out band from that show. Having never heard of them before and watching them tear through their set with a moonshine fueled abandon, I went home and immediately bought their catalog while waiting for Mud to be released.


I’ve sat on this album for three weeks now. And it just keeps getting stronger and stronger to me. From songs I thought were a little too weak the first listen through (Trailer That We Call Home), that has become one of the strongest songs on the album, to the title track, the opening cut On The River, Some of your Love, to the deep southern fried Frogman, and the anthematic Hank, the album just gets better with each subsequent listen.

My first mistake was having this on, low, one night while working, as background music. I was a little disappointed in the dynamics of the songs, the lack of… energy noticed in previous albums, but then I put it in a couple days later and cranked it up, and there it was… the Hammond B, a fiddle here and there, the deep soulful lyrics of desperation, hill country livin’, country pride, and hard livin and lovin’.

Fans of Blackberry Smoke, Black Stone Cherry, and Country Rock (is that a thing??) should pick this (or any Whiskey Myers album) up now!