Dirty Dog Bar

Austin, TX

Show Review by: Slim Jim Keller


I had a random Thursday night off last week so I hit up Texas Hippie Coalition’s label to see if I could get a photo pass at the last minute and sure enough they came through in a pinch for me.

So I headed to downtown Austin and the infamous Dirty Dog Bar to take in the sights and sounds of Texas Hippie Coalition and Shaman’s Harvest.

I’d heard Dangerous from Shaman’s Harvest a few times on Sirius/XM’s Octane channel and it was an ok tune. I wasn’t expecting much from them when I walked in the place but figured if nothing else I could get my camera dialed in properly for a club with next to no lights in it.

2016 09 22 Shamans Harvest 0000
Boy was I surprised when the band took the stage and set a low grade smoldering fire to the joint. The band stepped up and  started jamming this slow swampy groove that just slow burned throughout the set. With each song the band stoked the fire a bit more until by the end of Shaman’s Harvest's set the roof was on fire, the crowd was soaked in sweat, and the band exploded in a crescendo of fire, sparks, embers, and fat swampy licks.

If you’ve heard Shaman’s Harvest on the radio, or streamed them online, you’re missing the key ingredient that puts Shaman’s Harvest over the top and far exceeds their studio efforts. Their live show is where Shaman’s Harvest shines. With a bluesy swagger that is steeped in a groove heavy southern bog, the band rips and plunders through their set like a man fighting his way out of the Louisiana swamps.

Throughout their set I kept picturing a blacksmith stoking his fires, slowly pumping his bellows as the coals begin to glow red hot. Eventually a flame licks the tip of the iron, and slowly but surely the fire begins to consume the coals and heat the iron until it is malleable enough to begin to pound into shape or bend to the blacksmith’s will. That is Shaman’s Harvest live. Nathan Hunt, the blacksmith, stoking the coals with his voice, the band, Josh Hamler, Matt Fisher, Derrick Shipp, and Adam Zemanek providing the bellows with their instruments and energy on stage. As the set progresses, more oxygen from the bellows and manipulations by the blacksmith, and the crowd becomes one big sweaty malleable molten iron that the band deftly molds, bends, and strikes until they are all swaying and singing in unison.


And then came the Texas Hippie Coalition
Big Dad Ritch and company took the stage and in short order made sure everyone knew that they were there to take no prisoners. Texas Hippie Coalition is your straight forward balls out Modern Day AC/DC dirty boy Rock & Roll. Led by a motherfucking mountain of a man in Big Dad Ritch, who is quick to let you know that if you don’t remember his name, just ask your mom because she was screaming it last night.

Outside of the song dedicated/inspired by Dime Bag Derrell (Hit It Again) the music is a Texan version of AC/DC with a generous ‘getcha pull’ of Pantera poured down it’s gullet.

Sex, Drugs, R&R, and everything a good Texan is pissed off about and you have Texas Hippie Coalition.2016 09 22 Texas hippie Coalition 0994

The band tore through 8 years of songs and gave the crowd everything they wanted and more.
Big Dad Ritch is quite the frontman (and by his own admission, quite high Thursday night… which, considering the bands initials are THC is a given, but even he said he was way too high that night) and told many a tale between songs keeping the crowd entertained and laughing while waiting for the band to get ready for the next song.

THC is one of those bands that you may not have heard of, but when they start playing, you’re thinking to yourself, ‘I know I’ve heard this song before’.
If you’re big on Texas, big on swagger, big on THC, and big on balls out Rock & Roll, then Texas Hippie Coalition is going to go down like a big ol’ bong rip for you, and they’ll definitely go down on your sister.


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