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Breaking Out


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8 Out Of 10 Stars


Reviewed By: Craig “Bam-Bam” Stegall





Ringing in what seems to be a “New Uprising Of Old-school Nu-Metal”, Canuck boxer short flashers KEYCHAIN seem to be doing everything necessary to grab our attention.  Songs are chock full of heavy drop-D bass lines and aggressive Rap verses that Metalheads will chum up to easily since they’re pleasantly decorated with Chester Bennington-ish vocal attacks that make tasteful room for a couple Static-X reminiscent screams.  The EP’s radio single, “Prime Time”, is an easy choice to dispel a formula that’s been proven years earlier, but not properly displayed since bands like Limp Bizkit, Korn and the aforementioned Wayne Static (R.I.P.) fronted Static-X effortlessly did it pre-Y2K.  


Hope for the “Nu” Generation is cemented for this scribe when the band perfectly executes Panera-heavy breakdowns like the ones used during the closing cadences of “Prime Time”, “Breaking Out” and “God Mode”.   Basically, the fellas are doing everything 100% right, dropping in a couple “new” moves, if only in that they’re using some tricks not heard prior within this style.  Case in point, the chorus and bridge used in the album’s title-track actually showcases a pretty vocally adept JP LaChapelle throwing down some impressive singing that not only will surprise most, it clearly displays more soul than that of their elder counterparts whom we adorn as the creators of this style.  The real “shocker” comes on the album’s closer, a completely, yet brilliantly “out-of-place” acoustic instrumental called “Journey” that will have Godsmack fans thinking they’re reliving a campfire version of “Voodoo”, however, I’m really digging the fact that this is sans any vocal compensation.  WELL DONE!!!  


I think it’s pretty important to note that the choice to launch this as an EP was a very smart move by the band and label Owner-Operator, Noah “Shark” Robertson (whom Metalheads will recognize as the Ex-drummer for THE BROWNING and currently smashing those cannons as MOTOGRATER's drummer).  Let’s be honest, the folks actually PAYING for music these days are female diehards and immature males, like myself, who fall easily outside this genre’s normal 18yrs-35yrs old demographic.  We don’t want to hear 12-15 songs drenched in nothing but Nu-Metal Rap fodder, machine-gunned into our aural canals with no break for make-up sex!  Six tracks are JUST FINE, and Keychain has politely obliged with this impressive grouping.

Let’s just say, if this is the sound of things to come, I’ll be very pleased to carve out a permanent spot in my daily playlist for Keychain and their counterparts.  Album drops on September 2nd and should definitely connect with Active Rock Radio and crowd-surfing audiences as they tour the states this Fall (see below for tour dates).  Well done and Very Highly Recommended!


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