Double Experience Unsaved Progress Album Cover
Double Experience

Unsaved Progress


Colfax Music


9 Out Of 10


Review by: BAM BAM Stegall

This has to be the craziest listening experience I can recall in years. First of all, follow along with me here; the press surrounding this release specifically calls it “Neo-Nerd Rock”. Okay, I’m not sure if anyone with a brain in the music industry even knows what the fuck that is other than some stupid, hipster way to create a new music genre for untalented assholes to “fit in” and peddle their public dumpster equivalent pablum to whoever gives a shit! In most cases, this kind of garbage wouldn’t even get a split-second glance from me, but since this particular P/R representative has been sending us some pretty cool shit as of late, I decided to give it a listen and I’m literally punishing myself tonight with a terrible frozen, microwave dinner for having such a close-minded view of what “Neo-Nerd Rock” could ever be.

This is clearly of Educated Stoner intellect (think Queens Of The Stone Age & Weezer getting gang-raped by Kings-X and Porcupine Tree) and bursting with vocal brushstrokes of fellow Canadian 80’s AOR standouts Honeymoon Suite. You’d be super hard-pressed to find anything released in the past decade that’s gonna scratch that more melody friendly Tool meets QOTSA (perfect example: check out the fantastic cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla”!) itch we all get from time to time. Some may experience a bit of a slow warmup to bassist and lead vocalist Ian Nichols’ semi-helium injected pipes, but I was able to start digging it pretty easily and early on, but I’m sure that’s because it harkens some of my favorite 80’s era bands. Double bonus points for the album for showcasing, the virtually unknown bloke with the weird name, Dafydd Cartwright, whose drumming lights this album up on almost every track, most notably his stellar groove in “Exposure, Exposure”. If you’re looking for something really fun, heavy on hooks and cool guitar licks, and where each track doesn’t take a lot of attention to enjoy, this is a standalone ringer for what ails you, my friend. Drop the needle, inhale, and let me know where YOU ended up! Hits stores and cyber-outlets on Friday, April 8th via Colfax Music. Very Highly Recommended.