Empyrean Throne to Release Highly Anticipated Full-Length CD




Empyrean Throne prepares for the release of their full-length CD "Chaosborne" with a pre-release show on January 20th. Fans can pick up an advance copy before the official release on January 24th by clicking here. (Album Artwork: VLADISLAV KUTUSOV) Still reeling from the success of the release of the new video for "Haereticus Stellarum Part II".  



The clan's roots are deep in California but Empyrean Throne have been privileged to fly their banners and leave their mark on the live front alongside many of the esteemed acts in extreme music, including Nile, Kataklysm, Aborted, and Cattle Decapitation, among others. The Order has also carved its sphere of influence from the sweat and grime of the road, with two west coast tours under their belts and an appearance at Central Oregon Metalfest in 2016. Apart from that and a smattering of singles, which include a vast rendition of the Behemoth classic “Ov Fire and the Void”.

Empyrean Throne has a well mapped right of passage or plan for their new offerings and you're in luck - because Some KindOf Media's Cherri Bird and singer, Andrew Knudsen just wrapped up a very in depth comparison discussion looking into the interpretations vs the reality of the epic tale of Melphius, a Knight Templar in his journey into his "Chaosborne" destiny. 

The chaos continues with another show on February 25th at The Grove of Anaheim with Over Kill and Nile but this is just the beginning for Empyrean Throne; the beginning of the parallel journey between Melphius and the three musicians that bring his story to life. 


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