Que “It’s A Small World Afterall” in your mind and let it get good and soggy in there. You know, the creepy version that plays on that ride at Disney? Got it? Alright. Now of course there is a reason I needed that to be in your heads because it’s in mine. And, well it is relevant to what I’m going to tell y’all. Plus I figure, why be the only one annoyed during this article with the tinkled, ghost-like, sing songy, weirdness of the high pitched voices? It is really not that bad or annoying, truth told. It makes for a cool element to reading an article, like it’s very own soundtrack.

So today (Friday, June 30, 2017) was jammed packed. I had a face to face interview and 3 phoners. Back to back - wham, bam, thank you ma’am. I had to take a call in the middle and briefly interview DANIEL TOMPKINS of TESSERACT while they’re out doing a tour with Megadeth and Meshuggah here in the states because no Dallas date has been announced (still crossing fingers that it might happen) so it was now or never. Oddly enough, when I was looking up the members in the band, I saw that there was an association with a band that I hadn’t heard their name in ages: HAJI’S KITCHEN. Wait, what? They’re a band that was pretty popular back in the day from Dallas and I was curious to that connection since TESSERACT is from the UK. One tick mark on "it sure IS a small world" tally.

2nd tally mark: I just happened to be interviewing the son of the drummer of a wildly popular band back in the 90’s here in Dallas by the name of UGLY MUS-TARD. If memory serves me correctly, these two bands played around the same time and perhaps even shared a stage or two. Very possible.

Tally mark #3: My very first rock show in Deep Ellum was winter of 1993 at Trees and a band by the name of  yep - you guessed i: UGLY MUS-TARD. I was floored by the show and that the entire club was packed to the gills. I started going to more shows because of that night; because of UGLY MUS-TARD. And here I was, 23 years later talking to the drummer’s son who is a signer (imagine that)?

You just thought this was an article about MURDER THE NAME, didn’t you? You are, don’t worry. I’m getting there. Now do you get the reasoning for the “It’s A Small World” tune? It gets better, wait!

I have a 4 and a 4:30 interview and leaving Fuzzy’s it was 3:46. Luckily, I live across the street so I dial into my conference call number and a guy dials in as I’m scrambling to pull up my notes. He’s being friendly and I’m being a little spacey because I don’t have my shit together and have no idea what I’m going to start with his interview. He tells me his name twice, and I can’t hear for some reason and think he said “June” and the next time he says it I heard Jude - but it still didn’t register because I had the two times confused. I go on with my nervous banter and say the name of the other band and the poor guy on the other end like interrupts me, “Sheri. This is MURDER THE NAME, JUDE, the guitar player form MURDER THE NAME?!?”

JUMPIN’ JEHOSAPHAT! WTF just happened? I totally apologize and we start laughing and then JASEN MORENO who is the singer for MURDER THE NAME beeps in. We tell him the story and have a good (but totally uncomfortable) laugh about how scattered I was. Luckily, these are my peeps and people I’ve known or known of since 1993. And man, sometimes you just have to embrace the mistakes and the embarrassing moments, own them and wear them like a silk scarf on a windy day.

MURDER THE NAME is a group from Dallas in case you didn’t catch that from above. The band is JASEN MORENO - vocals, JUDE DYLLAN - guitar, ADAM CARRILLO - bass, DONNY YRLAS - drums and all four of these musicians have firm roots in not only Dallas music, but all over the world. You might even call this group a catchy name like “supergroup” or “power group” - but they’d probably balk at that. JASEN is currently the singer for DROWNING POOL and has been since Ryan left. He also fronted THE SUICIDE HOOK and before that PLASTIC TONGUE. Jude currently plays guitar for a very chic country band by the name VAUDEVILLE and played for MYMOTIVE back in the day. Adam Carrillo plays bass for BIG JOE WALKER and played in MYMOTIVE. Donny Yrlas has played for VAUDEVILLE and also was the drummer for MYMOTIVE.

Tally mark #4: I love it when the world gets smaller and the dots connect. I love it when things come back to us with no logical explanation and the pieces just fit. For me personally, it gives me a sense that I’m fulfilling my purpose; that any logical explanation just doesn’t quite fit as to why things come together the way they do. They just do. It just so happened that Jasen wasn’t on tour July 8th. Or that Jude wasn’t in the studio or on the road with VAUDEVILLE that day. It just so happens that Adam and Donny both were available on the 8th. See, MURDER THE NAME hasn’t played out for quite some time with the schedules these men keep with their front projects. It just worked out that way. Sing everybody!!!

“There's so much that we share, that it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all, it's a small world”

Tally mark #5: Like I explained earlier, the first band I saw live in Deep Ellum was UGLY MUS-TARD and today, I was sitting across the table from Fred’s son, interviewing him about his band TRENT RUSH in Deep Ellum. Tally #6: It’s also odd that the night I saw UGLY MUS-TARD I was hanging out with the bassist for DROWNING POOL. Had it not been for that night, I might not have ever seen JIBE, or BLUE OCTOBER or MY MOTIVE or DOOSU. Had all of that not happened, I wouldn’t have gotten to know BLACKTOP MOJO late last year.

Twisted and entwined in my interview with Jasen and Jude, you might find some gems of familiarity or coincidences as well. And while I get that they’re not things that are miraculous or alert the media worthy to many, they’re important to me and my journey. And anytime I can equate my journey being benefitted by others, you be your ass I’m going to recognize it and talk about it!

MURDER THE NAME JASENCB: How did y’all end up getting on the Jibe CD Release show?

Jasen: I traded out doing some drywall for him and he asked if we wanted the show.

Jude: Ya, I did some way, I can’t (laughing)!!

Jasen: We don’t really know really. We had that time off and Joe asked us so we said we’d do it.

CB: Don’t you love it when things like that just fall into place? Then the positive we put out come back eventually? You know what I mean?

Jasen: Ya, it’s cool. I definitely get it.

CB: Y’all are travelling or on the road right now, right? Not together, but separate or your main projects?

Jude:Ya, we’re out but not together.

CB: How is being able to play the show next weekend, on the 8th at Gas Monkey Live. I mean it’s going to be a killer show - I told Joe like a time machine or something! Do you equate this show with your past?

Jude: Man, it’s like when I was coming up, just a kid and I would see Jasen and PLASTIC TONGUE play at like Curtain or Trees, I was like “I want to play with those guys or have that kind of band and fans.” But I was always too scared to go say something to him. One day, I got the courage I guess. I had some free time and just asked him. And he said yes.

CB: Jasen, how does hearing what Jude just said about you, how does that resonate with you or make you feel? That's a pretty big compliment or tribute to you.

Jasen: Well, I don’t see that, really. I mean I was just doing my thing and doing what I do. I’ll jam with people and if it works cool - and it worked with MURDER THE NAME. I think it just comes with being in an active music scene like Deep Ellum (Dallas) had at that time. And it’s goes back to where I am now, singing for DROWNING POOL. I was humbled to be asked to join the band. They’re such a part of the success of music in Dallas, one of the first to have success like they have had. So it all goes back to things working for a purpose.

CB: So I can't wait for the show - I think i’ve said that like 9 times. But it’s going to be great. I’m really looking forward to hearing y’all play. There’s going to be some surprises guests playing too, right?

Jude: That’s what I hear. I’m looking forward to getting to play rock again.

CB: Ya, you’re doing, what country now?

Jude: I’ve been doing country for a few years now. I’m playing in VAUDEVILLE. I like it!

CB: I’ll have to check them out! Ok, so we’ve got time for the random fish bowl questions, where I pull out questions from a real fish bowl. Why I didn’t call it the Bird’s Bath, I have no clue. But whatever - that just popped in my head. I’ll ask you both like a few random and sometimes weird questions. Some can be kinda personal so if you don’t want to answer you don’t have to, of course. Alright ready?

Jasen: Ah man! Ya, come on with it.

CB: Jasen you can answer first with this one. Ok, here is #1: What is your go to curse word/phrase?

Jasen: Fuck.

CB: Jude?

Jude: Ah shit.

CB: Question #2: Do you cook and if so, what is your favorite thing to cook?

Jasen: No.

CB: Can you boil water?

Jasen: Ya, I just don’t like to cook. Or there’s not time or being on tour, you can’t. So no, I don’t cook.

Jude: Nah, not really.

CB: Ok #3: If you weren’t doing music as a profession, what would you be doing?

Jasen: Aww see, I don’t know because I have always done music. It’s a part of me. I don’t know what I would do or want to do. Maybe like something with science or astrology; the stars.

CB: Right on, that does sound interesting. I like numerology, I think it’s strange and really f’ing weird that everything is really about numbers. Ok, Jude?

Jude Well, I had a backup plan in case music didn’t pan out. I was an anesthesiologist tech and and RN.

Jasen: Dude, I want to change my answer -

CB: Like to you and Jude drywalling and painting? (We all laugh!)

Jasen: I want to do something in the medical field. Or something that sounds better. (We are all laughing at this because it’s such a crazy and dumb question.)

CB: I don’t think so - I think it’d be cool to know all there is to know about the stars and planets. I mean being in the medical field is cool, but I can’t deal with blood and stuff like that. Nope. I’ll stick to astrology or astronomy -

Jasen: I am glad it turned out the way it did. I don’t know what I would do! Music is what I am or what I do.

CB: You’ve been all over Dallas! PLASTIC TONGUE, THE SUICIDE HOOK, MURDER THE NAME. You’ve made appearances with other local acts too. I think that’s rad AF that you love music that much, and can give of yourself like that. It’s really great.

Jasen: Thank you! Oh, you know I think I’d rather get paid to play video games. Ya, that’d be cool.

CB: Even those are hard to play - I mean I can barely walk let alone do something different with both hands at the same time. I’ve always been envious of musicians because they have to separate or concentrate - to be able to do something different with each are or leg. Unless, we’re talking about like Atari Games that just have a joystick. I can work the...wait, that sounds dirty. I don’t mean it like that. But I can. Give me a joystick and some :PacMan or Tetris and I’m IN!


As we chat a bit more about B.S., and hang up the phone, I realize that I really love what I do. I love hearing the passion in artist’s voices when they are doing what they know to be their calling if you will.

I also love the city I live in because of the diversity of music and the players. Some may have crossed paths, played together, admired one another’s skill - but Dallas still has a healthy music scene and I don’t think it’s over. In fact, I think it’s only just begun.

Find MURDER THE NAME here on Facebook and come out to see them play Saturday July 8th at Gas Monkey Live for the JIBE CD Release Party! Check out the Facebook event for more info if you're in Dallas!

Til Next Time - MRML - Cherri

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