ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE was founded in 2008 by Electronic Dance producer Trebla (aka Albert Vorne) and lead singer Lord K. In 2010, guitar player Dave Tavecchia joined the band and one year later Chris Vrenna (NIN, Marilyn Manson, Tweaker) co-produced their first album Mother Ignorance (Metropolis Records). ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE’s sound is made of analog synths and blade guitars, speeding around the echoes of 80's vibes and 90's industrial, throughout the underground of Brit's school electronica, new wave and techno beats.

The band and their debut album MOTHER IGNORANCE have been considered one of the newest and most exciting surprises throughout both the industrial and rave scenes.

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As luck would have it, the night of their show in Dallas, Texas it rained and thunderstormed. Now, when this happens in Dallas, Texas,  people lose their minds and control of their driving abilities it would seem. I sat in traffic on the highway for over 3 hours and not only missed my interview slot with ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE - but missed their show as well. 

All is not lost though! Due to the power of the www and a little tool called email, I was able to connect with the band despite the gridlock on the highway that night. I love email interviews because I create an interactive kind of Q & A which is more than just typing answers. I love the responses I get back and honestly, if I was on the other side of an email interview, I'd like to do this kind! Here's the interview with ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE as they traveled to their next stop on tour!

Cherri: How difficult is it or was it to roll into a new town every night or every other night and walk in, see load in with your band mates and total strangers, watch the hours go by and then when people start to come in (or if they don’t come in, even), how hard do you have to build your confidence up?

It's not crazy difficult, of course it becomes a little tiring after a few weeks, but we know that each new place we hit will probably have a surprise for us and that makes it fun and exciting. The fun part comes when you get to the hotel, there you start to feel a little confused. They all look pretty much the same (when you have a limited budget of course). Which room number again? Where is the elevator now?

Cherri: Think of someone that you admire or respect - in any facet, professionally, personally, artist - and tell me 3 things you admire about them:

i. Roy Batty - (Rutger Hauer's replicant character in Blade Runner). No need to explain in this case.
Just memorize his monologue and it will instantly appear so clear.

ii. L.V. Bethoven - A great musician who invented the #... before anyone else (the sharp note).

iii. Chuck Norris - Invincible, ironic as F*, awesome beard (which he grew before it became a trendy thing)

Cherri: So, as you're doing this interview - unless you're in your altogether (no one wants to see you sitting on the crapper or nekid on your couch with a bear rug) take a selfie of where you're sitting with your laptop or phone filling this out and attach it to this email.

Joe took it from the passenger seat in the front:

Van Selfie

Cherri: Do you have a strange fear or a phobia? I’m afraid (like insanely so) of birds - odd, isn’t it?

Oh God.. we are plenty of phobias in this van. First of all "bacteria", we are a bunch of Italian hypochondriacs. Then bugs, bed bugs especially. Lord always fears his voice will eventually disappear because of some specific bacteriological attack provided by someone coughing or sneezing in his proximity. Our new drummer Joe Amato can't even watch horror movies.

Cherri: Wait - I am SO pissed that I didn't get to ask this question face to face for a variety of reasons: A. I would have loved to watch the facial expressions as everyone answered. B. I too, have an aversion to what I refer to as "amoebas" which I'm positive are all around us and forever out to destroy us. (I blame the kid in the movie "Signs" and that kid's whole "it's contaminated" obsession, because - well...IT IS GODAMIT!! IT'S ALL CONTAMINATED!!

Cherri: Tell us one memory from childhood that directly affected your movement towards making music a career or what influenced you to be attracted to music.

Everyone here would have a different story but we can focus on what we share about this. Music is stronger than you. If you are simply attracted by it, music will capture you and you will end up researching into it, exploring this beautiful universe until you might find yourself creative enough to create music. Basically you now create the monster who captures you. All of us felt in love with music in our childhood, but we discovered our own creative animal during the teenage. Trebla became a DJ at 13 when he got his first pair Technics for his middle school degree. Lord started to write music at the age of 17, Dave was basically born with a guitar in his hands.

Cherri: Best cover of an old song that you’ve heard.

MANOWAR - Nessun Dorma

Cherri: Looking at my picture (that’s why it’s on this questionnaire) - just going by that pic, what do you think my favorite song will be from your current record?


Cherri: I totally dig THE AFTERSHOW you're right! 

Cherri: Now take your phone camera, put it on selfie mode and take a picture of what's over your left shoulder.

Done... Look at that face... Scary.

Left shoulder 1

Cherri: hahahaha! So funny! I wonder if that was accidental...hahaha!!

Cherri: True or false: Everything happens for a reason.


Cherri: We have a thing that a few of my partners do when we interview. We started doing this at festivals. So I pulled (honestly, I pulled the question papers out of the fish bowl and then typed them.) a few random questions pulled out of the fish bowl:

Do you have a code name or a nickname for having to go #2? (poop?)

We have too many. The Italian language offers a crazy variety in this case.

Cherri: I'd love to know more about words for poop in Italian. Message me...

Cherri: Beach, mountain, urban city, or desert?

No one of us will ever agree on one here.
Lord: city
Trebla: mountain
Dave: desert
Joe: beach

Cherri: South Park or Family Guy?

South Park.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars.
(Trebla does not necessary agree).

Cherri: Trebla, WTF? Why does your preference sway towards the Trek as opposed to the War? There's always a fight between The Force and The Darkside...

Cherri: Funniest profanity phrase?

You don't wanna go there.

Cherri: Oh, but I do!!! I love learning new profanity - especially when it's from a foreign country!!

Cherri: Video or dice rolling games?

Dice, indeed!

Cherri: Oh by the way, you know the 3 characteristics of the person you admire or respect? Those characteristics are really characteristics that you possess but either haven’t developed, you ignore them because you don’t want them (it) or haven’t acknowledged them. But they do exist within you! :)


Cherri: Isn't it? I mean go back up and read the 3 you wrote and you'll instantly know that it's true. I can tell just by your responses and pics!!

I am so glad that I did get to digitally meet the band from Italy; ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE, even if it was through the power of the internet! I also heard from a few that were at the show that they were highly impressed with the band's performance. If you're not familiar with their work, please take a peek at this video below!


Til next time - 

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