SKOM met up with the lads from LORNA SHORE on THE BEG FOR DEATH tour, before their show at Tomcats West, in Fort Worth Texas. Tom (vocals), Connor (guitar), Adam (guitar) and Austin (drums), are a young, enthusiastic bunch with probably the heaviest sound I’ve heard this year. Touring behind their sophomore album FLESH COFFIN, released earlier this year, the guys talk all things Justin Timberlake, Home Depot and taking over the universe.

Lorna Shore2 webRebekkah Raven: Looking at your Spotify you have 48K monthly listeners. You’re on your sophomore album release, Flesh Coffin, how have the fans been responding to your music? You have what, 9 dates left on THE BEG FOR DEATH tour?

Tom: Everyone has been really into the songs we’ve played live; the crowd has really been getting into it. We’ve really only been playing new stuff, some old stuff, but primarily songs from the new record.

Connor: If they didn’t like Flesh Coffin before, they’ll love it by the time we’re done with this tour.

Rebekkah Raven: I saw some play through of your music posted to your band page. What drives you to connect on a personal level with your fans?

Tom: We interact with our fans as much as possible. We’re pretty straight up guys. I’ve always tried to talk to everybody; I’m not always on the internet, so being in person with people is important. We’re just naturally the type that talks to everyone, so we don’t really see it as a duty, just as something fun to do. This is our first tour with someone sitting at merch tables, before we were running it ourselves.

Connor: Yeah, we have this cool dude Jake working for us and he’s a pretty cool guy to have around.

Rebekkah Raven: If there was one song off the new record that would tell a prospective fan what Lorna Shore is all about, which would it be?

Connor: If you’ve never listened to metal before, FLESH COFFIN, for sure. If I show someone anything about metal or my band, that song is what I’ll share with them.

Austin: Yeah, and if you’re already a metal fan, FVNERAL MOON will blow your face off.

Rebekkah Raven: So aside from the serious questions, we have a couple popular fun questions for bands. What is your favorite smell?

Connor: Oh man, Tom really likes smelling things.

Tom: I do like smelling things...My favorite smell is Home Depot!

Lorna Shore3 webRebekkah Raven: Oh! Do you like the lawn and garden side, or the lumber side?

Tom: The Lawn and Garden side, for sure. All the chemicals smell great... I’m not saying I huff paint or anything like that *laughs* but I have great memories as a child going there with my dad, and it’s just a really nice nostalgic smell for me.... Or weed. *laughs again* What about you, Austin?

Austin: Oh man... Definitely not an Asian food market... I hate fishy smells. I would say new sneakers. They smell so good.

Connor: I would say Dan Ward... a friend from back home. I hug him and you’re like Oh yes, Thank you for your smell.

Rebekkah Raven: If you could tell your 16 year old self anything, what would it be?

Tom: I’d say don’t take anything too seriously. I use to take shit really seriously.

Austin: Learn better etiquette... I think?

Connor: Play more guitar!

Lorna Shore4 webRebekkah Raven: What band or artist, outside of the metal genre, is your greatest influence?

Adam: Without a doubt, Justin Timberlake.

Tom: All around, and in all amount of seriousness, yeah absolutely Justin Timberlake. I saw NSYNC when I was a kid, and I was like, Yes. This is what I want to do.

Rebekkah Rave: You saw all the girls going crazy and thought 'Oh yeah, I want that life?'

Adam: No, not at all. I just wanted to dance and sing and entertain people. It really motivated me.

Connor: For me, Backstreet Boys. Every boy in my grade wanted to be a backstreet boy.

Tom: No way, NSYNC was better. On another note, Soundgarden is still a huge influence for me.

Lorna Shore1 webRebekkah Raven: Doing a headlining tour is epic for any band. What’s next? Every band has incremental goals they’re looking to achieve.

Tom: We’re playing SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR this summer, which is exciting. We also want to go overseas.

Rebekkah Raven: Really, SUMMER SLAUGHTER? That’s exciting!

Tom: Well, I don’t know if it’s announced yet... but yes.

Adam: By the time this comes out, it will have been announced. But yeah, aside from that we definitely want to go to Japan, Australia, Europe.

Connor: Once we see what the world has to offer, we also want to do an Intergalactic Tour... Maybe Mars?

Rebekkah Raven: (Referencing Dude: Where’s My Car?) So you want to get a continuum transfunctioner and take over the universe?

Connor: YES! ZOLTAN! It’s not about signing a local record deal you know; it’s about those Planetary Record deals.

Rebekkah Raven: Thanks so much for your time guys. Take care and be safe.

Lorna Shore: Thanks!Lorna Shore5 web

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