DROPS: April 28, 2017

HE IS LEGEND PROMO 2017Schuyler Croom: Vocals/Piano
Adam Tanbouz: Lead Guitars
Denis Desloge: Rhythm guitars
Matt Williams: Bassist

HE IS LEGEND have come from a place that is the host to the best parts of rock music. These seasoned musicians not only know what all that is, but what pairs with it & that bag of chips. Look, if you’re a band that’s been playing professionally since 2002 in some form or fashion, what you do is do what you want. You know you can do more when you are inspired by something bizarre as hell like a drop here and down a 16th there - mix it all up in a way that surprises even you longest running fan. 

All of the things that start separate in a musician, that they might find appealing about them - are melted together to make the tastiest fondue. For these guys it's the cut time/tempo and some drop tuning. little changes, the breaks and all of the other yummies rolled up. In “few” they take what they love and shove these lit parts right in the center of their energy, toss them into the atmosphere and quietly wait to hear the screams of a Phoenix burst - BLAMO!! The creation of 12 huge treasure tracks of songs occurs; little balls of glittering goodness that stream out of the speakers, falling into your ears...

HE IS LEGEND has crafted their sound by playing what they want. They’ve fished in a sea with fishermen that are trying to pull something alive out of the water - but while so many are coming up short, HE IS LEGEND, is not. This record is stellar. It really doesn't have any weak spots that I could pinpoint; but that isn’t my job. My job is to tell you how I loved it and what it did to me and how it made me feel listening to it. I hope you get just an inkling of what I got from "few"...

Let’s do this, shall we? 

AIR RAID - thugga-thugga chugs of a low guitar on one side compliments the higher tones of the one on the other side; just a few steps above in the background, but it’s noticeable and pretty!. Dig the way the tempo changes at the chorus. What I love about Schuyler's vocals here, is the seemingly sea salty, gritty vocal of his that’s made to clean out the cobwebs in your mind and replacing those dusty strands of old rock with some smart sounding guitars, a walloping bass that the drums kinda makes me feel like I’m on a horse galloping away from a burning barn. Mother of god this is just beautiful. Love it when the ending is the ending of a song. BOOM!! It’s done.

SAND - Immediately the bass and low AF guitar rattle my insides to make me feel like I’m driving a healthy muscle car; like a Cutlass or an old sup’ed up Camaro - and at the pause I can kinda catch my breath but with the verse, comes this badass groove and then it lurches forward jumping towards 60 in under 5 seconds. SAND has a sound that literally pushes your senses to the places you want in a massive amounts. Big opening, swelling verses that you can bounce or bang it out with your head - your choice. I am drooling over the structure HE IS LEGEND uses to write their music on few. “Stay with me, I’m not a fool, not just for anyone”. Dammit the guitars are not "bad meaning bad, but bad meaning GOOD"!!

BEAUFORT - here again they grab you by the hair like a caveman putting the doom on his woman for letting that giant bison get away during the morning’s hunt. There’s a lyric “kick in the door” and that’s what happens in my mind by the tiny wizards in my earphones. I realize I was thrown to the earth by the lure of a few notes, the life of the song flows out in the exhale of the guitar solo and just as it reaches your mouth, you can’t believe that not only is it going in your mouth, you’re about to inhale it and hold it in.

SILENT GOLD - there’s nothing silent about this number. I wanna pee my pants the bass line is so righteous, gawwwdd!!! Right at the chorus or maybe it’s a pre-chorus - the song gets down and dirty. Then right back to a light melody with a heavy dose of bass. I love it when the bass mix is in front. Silent Gold is really packed full of those micro-breaking chord progressions, while the rhythm guitar punches it out a pattern that could be unique to each listener because there is a lot to absorb - and that is not a bad thing. The beauty of HE IS LEGEND is that they are full and bring a ton to this record. I love the “dun dun dun dun dun” sound - what is that like a progression? An archipeggio? How did i even know how to spell that? Swear to god I didn’t look it up.

ALLEY CAT - y’all Schuylar’s voice just kills in this song - not to mention the whole record.. It’s strong and full, like a big Tom cat lying on the back of a wood fence after snacking on a backyard bird. And meow - does he belt out some beautiful tones in the chorus - I love that there’s literally a complete change up in the song that I had to look at my music player to see if the song had changed. Nope, it didn’t then it went right back to the original melody. Perfect. Alley Cat grabs a hold of the nape of your neck with his paw and keeps you still with a firm bite until the song is over - and even then you dare not move.

HE IS LEGEND SO WHAT PHOTOJORDAN - the drums on this track are nomadic with a native resonance as the rest of the band follows suit like they’re moving across the plains to hunt and gather more. The cut time is godam perfect. There’s nothing sexier than that kind of dredge, it reminds me of 4 strong fingers that starting to scratch your back. The drums continue to slap your heart to revive you from the coma you’ve been in since the birth of nu-metal...

GOLD DUST - starts out slow and then with a very 1978 - 1981 kinda guitar sound this beautiful and slowly, the song plays . It’s so damn smooth. Like chocolate silk pie - “been waitin’ on a memory” my god it sends chills...just wait til you hear the chorus of #7 - I don’t get how major notes can pluck out the feelings in me like machines pluck feathers out of chicken. There’s nothing wrong with diversity - when it flows and corresponds with the rest of the record. The way they write songs is like how my head translates the things it absorbs having ADHD. I can only describe it like a ping pong ball that won’t ever stop bouncing even when the song is over. Not to mention that last couple of measures will kick your ass, just wait.

CALL INS - boom bum bum boom bum bum - “there’s a man inside my mirror” I’ve always thought there was something in between the glass and reflections - but that’s another story for another day. The guitar echoes in the background with the accompaniment of the drums with Schuyler's voice comings in really soft and staying with you, right between the back of your eyes. You know what I’m talking about, right? Where that dark place resides, where you put all the things you need to sort out in piles because there’s enough room here, always. It’s where I retreat when a song drops clues for me to go work it all out...

“I’ve learned my lesson, paid my time - this blank expression - prepare to die - hear my confession - my doubtless pain - this house that’s haunted is holding me...”

it’s so soft there are times I think it’s going to just fade out only to come back and scream at me through the speakers but it doesn't. It just walks around my head, dragging all of the transgressions in a burlap bag, behind it...

EASTERN LOCUST - once more, here’s Matt showing off again...holy crapppp, this bassline brings some hustle and hum that should be illegal in some states - what is legit about this track is the change in time and then with the groove; man oh man, it’s like how tight your butt clenches on the bicycle seat if you were pedalling like a mother, gearing up and simultaneously thinking about having to coast down with using no brakes. It’s that tight! Patient and prominently placed harmonies start pulling up similarities out of Great Grandfather Grunge's Garden, mimicking his beginnings but much, much better now!! Wow! Schuylar again breaks my limited concentration by the tone and how his band follows him. His band is actually accompanying him, you know that difference.

FRITZ THE DOG - this is a sly little number that goes from funky dee dee-ing to the chorus that picks it up and rocks it heavy. I’d love to see a crowd hear or watch them perform this song. It’s fun and everyone knows there’s no going wrong when you sing about a dog in a rock song. The band’s decision to highlight their ability to rock, groove, swing, ska (sans the brass), punk it up, slow it down, or bang it out when you’re all alone - wait, now that I’m thinking about it - it probably isn’t a conscious choice. It’s probably just the way they create and write music. Truthfully, I dig the hell out of them letting us listen to it.

THE VAMPYRE - My, oh my - if you’re a fan of sharp teeth that suck another’s blood or Anne Rice, then The Vampyre will resonate with you. It did me - I thought about Armand from Interview With A Vampire” and was transported to walking up to the gates of his lair, knock on the heavy door that the bass and drums pretend to be waiting for us. It opens and the vocals come slithering around the corners in different tones, even one with a low growl in the very back...while the guitars slide down the banister of the staircase that shouldn’t go that high. There’s a heaviness in the back and while I listened I wanted it to burst through. And it does - again with the change in tempo -

“I wear these mortal ___? - like snakes around my ankles - I’ll be thankful - I deserve no less - spent my last days - I turn to red...”

 - I think this is my favorite song - I dig the fuck out of songs that have the ability to dig up the dead and beat the shit out of them for you just because you said so, to get it all out, ya know?

THE GARDEN - this song must have been written on the Sabbath because it’s very much like what we might expect a song to sound like if You Know Who, wrote it you know when (back in the day). It’s slow with a cadence that’s evilly monotone til the chorus knocks the dumb off you - and then it reaches into that dark place they’re talking about in the song at the verse “my beloved...” The drums MAKES this track.


This record: it’s fresh, not fancy and right out of the deep parts of their minds that spill out of their gear, making sounds front of them spill all over the audience.. Like I said at the beginning - the elements that HE IS LEGEND - have perfected long before "few" are called out like a good ol' fashion incantation that’s meant to just tickle your subconscious, herding all of the Nasties all in a line...well, until they’ve been released with the conclusion of the record. Then my Lovelies - it’s for you to scoop up all of them up, run out and around the corner looking for a place to dump them. 

If I were you, I’d drop those bastards down into a well and walk away smiling ear to ear...


04/28 - Hamburg, Germany @ Kleiner Donner
04/29 - Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock Festival
04/30 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg
05/01 - Frankfurt, Germany @ Nachtleben
05/02 - Paris, France @ Les Etoiles
05/03 - Cologne, Germany @ Artheater
05/04 - Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia
05/05 - Munich, Germany @ Oranjehouse
05/07 - Southampton, England @ The Joiners
05/08 - Manchester, England @ Rebellion
05/09 - Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @ O2 Academy Newcastle
05/10 - Glasgow, Scotland @ G2
05/11 - Birmingham, England @ O2 Academy Birmingham
05/12 - London, England @ The Dome
05/13 - Nottingham, England @ Rescue Rooms
05/14 - Bristol, England @ Exchange

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