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HOME BASE: Kansas City, MO
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INFLUENCES: Light. Love. Life.

Post Alternative rockers of the band Mime Game came to So What?! to meet new fans and bear their wares. It just so happened that I got to meet with them on Saturday through their publicist reaching out to press attending the festival. I probably wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting them had they not had someone running point on publicity. 

I bring this up for the sole reason that an unsigned band can and IMHO should have a company running publictiy for them. It's a chunk of change in some ways - but in the long run I think it's extremely invaluable. I mean what happens if they get picked up for a long tour or even a 2 record contract all because they had someone reaching out in places they couldn't? It's not always about what the band does in the eyes of the publicist, it's more along the lines of who the publicist knows that will fit well with the band they represent! Things happen Dearies that are chalked up to luck all the time - but in reality, it's really about those that you know! 

MIME GAME was a fun interview and I really dug the hell out of these kids. So down to earth with great heads on thier shoulders. Playing music is what they wanted to do because they wanted to make the music for people to hear, to feel what they were feeling maybe and open themselves up (both parties) to learning about this crazy thing called life!! Here's the interview:

Cherri Bird
So let’s get started! I’m here with Dillon, Kevin, TJ and Campbell of Mind GAME here at SO WHAT Music Festival. How are y'all this fine Satur...

Um...I have to stop you. You said Mine Game. It's MIME Game.

I did? I thought I said Mind Game and thought in my head "oops, it's MIME. I wonder if he heard me - continue...shhhh!!" I guess you heard me...hahaha! Thanks for correcting me. MIME like the creepy clowns with white faces, that don't speak, MIME.

Yes, that - ha ha - M I M E.

Ok, so what we're going to do is play pick your poison - or question out of the hat. Except, we don't have a hat or bucket. They're just a pile on the table here. So, just pick one of the papers. 

How do you love unconditionally?
Is this about how I, personally love unconditionally?

Either Way! It’s up to you - answer how you feel!

To me? I have kids. As a father, it’s a huge thing that it’s almost inherent. As soon as I had my kids I felt like I had unconditional love for them. Just looking at this little human, and being like, you can break all my stuff and throw up on me, but I’ll still love you anyway. But with life, and the people you meet, is to understand everyone is fighting their own battles and wants to be loved and understood. I think it’s accepting people as they are, which sounds obvious, but in practice it’s a beautiful thing to do, to accept them as they are willing to give themselves.

Do you write about love in your music? Or incorporate love or lack of in your music? 

It’s hard, especially unconditional love. There’s a song called Fire. There’s a line that essentially says, if you want to choose to walk through hell, I don’t want to walk with you, which, in and of itself, is not unconditional. The people you love the most tend to show up in your art, so the most important people to me end up in my music. It’s a weird balance. It’s a massive concept.

That’s awesome! Go ahead and pick another one.

What’s my favorite laundry detergent?
HAHA! How could you?! So, I don’t really have one, because my girlfriend is allergic to scented laundry.... I’m so deprived.

Ok Kevin, you pick a question!

What is my Favorite Flavor of Gum?
That gum from back in the day, ZEBRA STRIPES!

I love that flavor - but it doesn't last at all. I mean, I've had sneezes that last longer! Dillion, it's your turn!

What would you eat or drink if there weren’t any consequences?
I want to consume something super flammable, like motor oil and then EAT FIRE so I could breathe fire like a dragon! Or way too many Waffle House hash browns...more realistic.

CB: I LOVE that answer Dillion! That's mega! Fire and motor oil!! Kevin...pick one!

Wait... Isn’t that the same thing? *laughs* (Talking about Waffle House hash browns and the motor oil/fire combo)
If I could cure any disease, what would it be?
Definitely would be cancer. One of my local friends here in DFW, Rustin Luther, was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. Tomcats West was my first ever show and Rustin booked it for me. Even on a personal level, I had testicular cancer, even though I’m okay now that’s a huge motivator for me.

CB: What a small world. Rustin is an acquaintence of mine, he and Jennifer both. I think that's rad AF - your answer. I'd want cancer to be erradicated as well. So many people do, I would imagine.

I actually want to weigh in on this too. I have the same answer, cancer. When I was twelve my stepdad, Max, passed away from melanoma. I actually ended up naming my son Max after him. We actually have a song about it. I was the only one in the room when he passed away, holding his hand. The last thing he heard in this life was me telling him that I loved him. It was an experience I can hardly explain.

As an adult looking back, can you appreciate and see the beauty in that experience?

Oh, absolutely.

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Here's your question: Pick one: If your best friend could be a Prison Guard, Priest or the President of the United States how would you influence them to do their job, which would you pick and why?

My best friend would be the President of the United States. I would get them to help people. This world needs more love and compassion.

The President would be mine too. RELEASE THE ALIEN FILES!

Kevin, we'll talk off the record about the aliens. My Dad was at "the Site" but we don't talk about that...here's your question: What would you want to tell me right now that you haven’t told anyone else about your band?

We just added a new member,Campbell, who’s second show was today at SOWHAT.

Shut up!! So, how was it, Ethan Campbell? Come over here and play with us! No reason for you to not! So, how was playing So What?

It was like the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I was this close to throwing up when they were loading in. This was the first time I’ve ever played a festival like this, being in Texas, so many firsts this weekend.

I get that feeling a lot, the throwing up sensation. Nerves. It's ok, it just means that it's important, ya know? Your body's just telling you what's up! So what’s going on with your tours and music careers right now? Is your next stop home?

There are a lot of things under wraps. We’re writing, recording.

The first album is out right now....We’ll be touring again at the end of May.

Killer! Ok, let's say cheese for a selfie - can we all squeeze in? 

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CB and MIME GAME all at once: Aww - look how cute! This is the best picture ever!! We're so happy! Y'all are so great!

Ok guys, thank you so much for your time - now go have fun and watch all the bands! Rock it!! I'll watch for y'all to roll back through Dallas and come see you! And thank you so much for the CD! Y'all rule!


Mime Game has always been about the creative mind on a quest of discovery. Originally conceived as a side project by Dillon DeVoe in the midst of his run with former band, Josephine Collective, Mime Game has proven to be a fertile songwriting machine. DeVoe, after years of experimental lineup changes, found the ideal fellow musicians who prove to be most efficient and prolific in their craft to bring Mime Game to the world today.

Since being signed to Warner Bros. just a day after turning 18, DeVoe has toured coast-to-coast with national acts, worked with top-flight producers, explored music with new collaborators, experimented with the idea of “home” (Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Kansas City) and become a father. In the process, he developed the muscular, genre-spanning songwriting ability that now fuels Mime Game.

Seven years after its quiet birth, Mime Game can pull from a large body of work and is prepping to turn it loose...

And if you catch it - let me know what it says to you, Ok?

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