Instead of the Top 10 Reasons, these are the ONLY reasons to make sure that "Condolences" is on your list of new records to buy this Friday. I mean, in all honesty there is only one reason to buy this record: IT'S WEDNESDAY 13! Need I say more?? I thought I'd have a little fun with this interview and incorporate bits from a Q & A with Wednesday as we chatted on the phone. We also talked about his take on the new record, new record label and just announced US tour this summer.

However to satisfy the requirements of this assignment, here they are, the ONLY 10 REASONS to pick up "Condolences", Friday April 7th, 2017:

  • Wednesday 13 and his band have a COMMANDING PRESENCE. Who doesn't like to be dominated by the music of a band that commands attention? And I'm not talking about in a culty-creepy way - like mind control or anything obnoxious like that. I'm talking about music that grabs you and holds your ass down for the entirety of the recording. Talent, infectious beating rhythms, low hums of the bass that jar your guts, and lyrics that wrap around your brain like a twine ball of string - this is the first reason you should buy this record. Just watch the video below "What the Night Brings" and you'll see what I mean. 
  • The dude loves what he does! You can see it in how freely Wednesday thinks, and how having the freedom of self-expression shows in his work. Like seriously loves being a musician. He gets off on creating the most magnanimous show he can; to entice the new and keep the old fans right where he wants them; captivated. When a person loves their work, it shows in the most badass ways. Where is shows with Wednesday 13 in this record is through the evolvement of their music. Last year, when I spoke with Wednesday 13 before their show, he talked about some new concepts or ideas for the band's sound that they had been experimenting with (Read this interview here) or possibly use in the studio. Well, here's the product of that work in "Condolences". I think it's a Universal Truth or Law that when you love what you do, it shows in what you create. This reason #2 is probably the most important reason to snatch this up and I think you know where I'm going with this...I'm just not gonna say it. Yet.

CB: Pick a number!

W13: 82.

CB: 82 - alright "If you had to choose between being in prison or homeless, what would you pick?" Sheesh!

W13: Umm I think I would have to be homeless. At least I would have a little bit of freedom. Prison is terrifying to me. I watch those shows like Cops or Prison: Inside, and I'm like F ya, I think I'd have to be homeless.

CB: I think prison would be god awful. 

  • The third reason (and this one is for the ladies and the like-minded gents) you should buy "Condolences": Wednesday 13 is hot AF in make up. And not just some guy-liner smeared on the eyes to make them look "deeper" either. Full on theatrical, characterization makeup, babies. It's dark and it oozes magical spores that add to the intrigue that lure you into the realm Wednesday 13 resides. The whole band is hot - it's just a sexy show. Scary as hell - but sexy.
  • Number 4 is simply, Wednesday 13 has more odd outfits and changes than Beyonce at her pregnancy photoshoot. Most bands stand there, some bands jump around - Wednesday 13 changes clothes. And not just a jacket added or subtracted. It's something you gotta see to appreciate. Haven't seen a Wednesday 13 show? well, you're in luck...when a band drops a record they set off on journey to promote it. Like I said luckily for us, the band announced today (April 5th, 2017) dates for a US tour that shoves off from Salt Lake City, Utah on June 16 and rolls around the country before breaking in August. (See the tour dates below my Lovelies and jot your city on your calendars!) Those of you across The Pond - no need for the panties to bunch...there are festival dates including Download (lucky). So this fourth reason is because. This might seem trivial - but it's totally not. Buy the record, go see a show, there. Done.  

CB: Ok, it's time to pick a number. I'll read off the coresponding question - some are light some aren't. Of course if you don't want to comment, you certainly don't have to. Ready? Pick a number!

W13: 40.

CB: Number 40 is "What's the best show as a fan you've been to?"

W13: As a fan...hmmm...I think, I always say this, but it's got to be Alice Cooper. I've seen him so many times but playing with him and then watching on Halloween night has got to be my favorite shows to play and to see.

  • Wednesday 13 plays by his rules. He has been doing this a long time and has whittled it down to a beautiful carved piece of art. His brain is full of these things that became byproducts of what we see now; an icon in industrial/horror metal, or murder metal, as I like to call it. The rules he's created for his brand, music, image and sound placed him second to none for Nuclear Blast Records to pick a developed, unique, fully loaded, oiled and ready, machine. And on the flip, Wednesday 13 was able to get all the bells and whistles in a label that themselves carved a path in music history. In staying true to himself and by allowing his music to evolve just solidifies that doing this; being true to yourself, will pan out in the long run. Just knowing this makes picking up this record a must.  
  • Did you know that Wednesday 13 is a fan of pro wrestling and a Southern Gentleman? Why, yes he is, y'all!! Born in North Carolina, he's the real deal. *quote about chicken and potatoes* Why is this a reason to pick up his record? I really don't know other than I like Southern charm and the politeness that comes along with that aura. I find the character of Wednesday 13 to be a darker version of this Southern gentleman, in a twisted way. I like knowing that the menacing mannequin-like figure on stage, in makeup and leather pants and a horned mask is really just a man underneath that can cook southern comfort food. 

CB: Pick a number...What's your number?

W13: Let's see how about 93?

CB: You're gonna like this one, I think. "Do you cook and if so what is your favorite meal to cook?"

W13: Do I cook? Oh I can cook for myself, I just don't. I'm pretty picky when it comes my food. I'm a southern dude - pretty much a chicken and potatoes kinda dude. I can whip that up anytime I have to - I don't have a special way - just make sure I cook it all the way through. Just wanna make sure I don't poison myself. 

CB: Ya, I'm a freak when it comes to ameobas in my food - I don't want to get e-colli or whatever. So I pretty much burn pork ad chicken so I don't get that shit! That'd be bad. I will say though, when y'all are in Dallas, I'll make you guys a killer southern meal. I'll make sure it's done though! Fried chicken, mashed potatoes like from the potato - not instant and whatever else y'all would like.

W13: That's nice of you and would be great on tour.

  • Fear doesn't exist anywhere on stage, and it is certainly not evident in the video for "What The Night Brings". Wednesday 13 isn't afraid to let "it" of the leash and with the power performers backing him, gives him even more room for the story to unfold. The confidence Wednesday 13 has in himself and his band, is stellar. And we all know that confidence is not the same as cockiness - right? I think in order for a person to be confident is to share on how to release the fear that is in all of us at times. When it's gone, and you don't feel like you have to fake feelings, react negatively, or generate self destruction, that's when the fear retreats and is replaced with a solid foundation. Music is a part of them given to the parts of us that want to take it. I want to mimic how to achieve this - this record could be the music that helps you to do exactly that.
  • Reason #8 is the irony of this release and not in any sort of negative way but in a very well played fashion that happens to entities and people that have the things I've given as reasons to buy the record. It's  not a roll of the dice that this happened, or maybe it is but more like rolling a 12 sided die in the role playing game of life. Here's the irony if I need to spell it out for ya: this is Wednesday 13's 20th - ya that's not a typo - TWENTIETH RECORD RELEASE which happens to be the debut release through Nuclear Blast Records. Following me? Ok, keep up... This is the label that brands themselves as "The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Record Label" with bands like Obituary, BioHazard, and a lot of the other bands that you can't read their name because it's in that font that makes the words look like a pile of sticks on the ground in Blair Witch Project, ya - those heavy bands. Enter Wednesday 13 who has evolved from a campy (Wednesday 13's word) punk vs metal battle it out sound into elements that remain from the beginning of the band, fused with blasting beats of the what it might sound like if you could hear the subconscious evolving. Eerie, frightening, and dark but with hints of strength, power and a knowledge of self built by the experience he has gained from the past instances of victories and losses and what the outcome is like your highest hit point character.

CB: Alrighty, pick another...

W13: How about 40 - my age. 

CB: Ah yes, 40. That question is "Have you ever played a role playing game? If so, how many hit points did your best character have?"

We laugh...

W13: No - I never got into that kinda game. I have watched but never played. I'm not against it - just never played.

CB: Ya, me either - have no clue what 'hightest hit points' means...ehum...moving along...

W13: ha ha ha!

  • Wednesday 13 is frightening as all get out - on video and on stage. Look at "What The Night Brings" for the love of Mike!! Dammit, isn't that is creeepee AF?  And why wouldn't it be? The Lord Zane (Matt Zane of Society1) directed the video (see below to watch) and we all know that dude can jam the creep down your throat like Larry Bird shoves a basketball into the net. When you see him live on stage, you're kinda torn...part of you wants to run away and hide under the bed or run towards him like a bull in a street fight. Who cares if you get horned in the stomach while he flies to you, kissing your cheek...ehum - but ya, the creepiness is killer and definitely a reason to buy the record. 

CB: Ok, now that it's almost release day - let's talk about "Condolences". What's the biggest hope that you have that fans will take away from the record?

W13: I think the difference is that for years, I've been self-releasing records and it's been fine but the biggest difference is with this record, we got picked up by a strong label that will be a big push for us. We took 3 months off to do this record, so it's really important to us. We're really proud of this - it's like the new and improved Wednesday 13 and we think we're better than we've been in the past. This record is our best and we hope it's the fan's favorite as well. 

CB: If "What the Night Brings" is any indication of the whole record, it's gonna slay. 

W13: Thank you!

CB: I remember last time you were in Dallas you kind of illuded to this change or wanting to do something different. So I'm really happy that you had the chance to do so. I'm also glad that you've been able to continue to do "you", you know?

W13: I've been doing this for a long time, I know how to do my side of it. I don't know how to do their side. It's nice to have a team though, we'll go out and promote the record and they do what they do to move it a long. I can wake up and see news online about me and think, "cool, I didn't have to post that". So that is nice. We still work hard, sometimes I think we work harder in some ways - there's more time for music. I've never had any label tell us what to do - for example a lot of people are saying that because we're on a "heavy" label, that is the reason our sound is heavier. But that's not it, we recorded this long before we were signed by Nuclear Blast. It was going to be heavy regardless. 

CB: It's great that you have the support of the label, and they're really amazing with their bands. How is it working with "The Lord" - Matt Zane? 

W13: Matt was great. He directed us and it was so smooth. We got to experiment a bit after the core scenes were shot, with like the different masks. That one I'm wearing in the last scene was a paper mache mask and it was getting beat to hell. So we had a company out here make one out of really hard plastic. It's pretty cool.
CB: Where did that idea or concept come from?
W13: It's actually my take on these old movies, I've been wearing it on stage the last couple of years, and wanted to work it into the video. I think it translates well. The movie is called"Witchcraft Through the Ages" and it's old black and white old like devil/satanic ritual kind of thing, but really arty. I wanted to create a type of ritual based of that film. 

  • Last but not least - the main reason you should buy "Condolences" this Friday is...


No, I'm joking. I'm not the boss of you. I'm just urging you to do something cool for yourself. Wednesday 13's music has to be in your phone, tablet, in the mysterious cloud, or get the CD. Even if you don't dig this style of music. And if you don't - I'm gonna beg some serious reconsideration start happening within you, and here's why: we all have those days that as a human being, you need to reach into your bowels and pull all those little f'ing demons that seem like they'll overtake you. You have to pull them out and fight them so they don't destroy you, consume you. And sometimes fighting the darkness with darkness is the only way to defeat them. You have to fight with the sounds that they're making you create. You have to in order to get the darkness out, but trying to destroy them with light won't work. Because the light; you know that the light only blinds them briefly...

but the darkness, well my Pretties...we all know What the Night Brings!!! 



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Wednesday 13 TourTour Dates:

6/16 — Metro Music Hall — Salt Lake City, UT
6/17 — Sunshine Studios — Colorado Springs, CO
6/18 — Marquis Theater — Denver, CO
6/20 — Launchpad — Albuquerque, NM
6/21 — Juggernaut Music — Gallup, NM
6/22 — The Green Room — Flagstaff, AZ
6/23 — VAMPD — Las Vegas, NV
6/24 — Fulton 55 — Fresno, CA
6/25 — Whisky A Go Go — West Hollywood, CA
6/27 — Brick By Brick — San Diego, CA
6/28 — Club Red — Mesa, AZ
6/30 — My Place — Abilene, TX
7/1 — Paper Tiger — San Antonio, TX
7/2 — Grizzly Hall — Austin, TX
7/4 — Southport Music Hall — New Orleans, LA
7/6 — Trees — Dallas, TX
7/7 — The Vanguard — Tulsa, OK
7/8 — Oklahoma City Limits — Oklahoma City, OK
7/9 — Fubar — St Louis, MO
7/11 — Emerson Theater — Indianapolis, IN
7/12 — Fubar — St Louis, MO
7/13 — The Wire — Berwyn, IL
7/14 — Vaudeville Mews — Des Moines, IA
7/15 — Amsterdam Bar — St Paul, MN
7/16 — Bigs Sports Bar — Sioux Falls, SD
7/18 — The “O” Bar — Minot, ND
7/20 — Starlite Room — Edmonton, ALB
7/21 — Dickens — Calgary, ALB
7/23 — Studio Seven — Seattle, WA

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