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1. The band name "Omen" is great! It reminds me of that movie when I was a kid with that scary ass kid that was killing everyone. But...that has nothing to do with your band at all or the first question.

Do you think when a band loses the frontman that the name of the band should continue?

Absolutely the band should continue, A band is the sum of all it's parts. If the Guitarist, Bass player, Drummer, Keyboardist ....... want to continue they should. Now having said that, if there is only one original member left and the sound is soooo completely different than what the BAND IS FAMOUS FOR then maybe a name change is needed.

2. How did you get the gig for Omen?

I got the gig through Omen bassist, Andy Haas. He suggested me to Kenny. They were working up material for the Eternal Black Dawn CD and the singer they had wasn't working out, so Andy suggested me. Andy and I had gone way back together playing in seperate bands but being in the mutual admiration society of each others musicianship. So, without Andy I would have never been in Omen.

3. I've seen some crazy footage of Omen overseas! Talk about a particular time that you just couldn't believe a situation that was happening (crazy fans, mobs of people):

Omen is very lucky that we have loyal fans all over the world. We get to play everywhere and probably more so in Europe than anywhere, even the U.S. So, our first trip ever to Greece, my first European tour with Omen, we were playing in Athens at a place called The An Club. The stage in the venue is surrounded by a waist high metal railing, however it does very little in keeping the audience separated from the band (and not that we want our audience separated from us anyways). We were doing our show and all of a sudden I noticed a crazy fellow at the front of the stage with an actual sword in his hands. He seemed a bit inebriated, and he started swinging it around with his eyes closed while he was singing every word the the songs. Guitarist, Kenny Powell and myself were ducking and dodging as not to get our heads accidentally severed. So, the railing was there just as decoration at this point. Needless to say it was a wild and crazy night and no one got hurt. I went on to later write a song dedicated to this gentleman called The Lord Of The Sword. We are great friends even to this day. Now, the Germans are pretty crazy too...but that's another story...

4. So, as you're doing this interview -­ unless you're in your altogether (no one wants to see you sitting on the crapper or nekid on your couch with a bear rug) take a selfie of where you're sitting with your laptop or phone filling this out and attach it to this email.


5. Tell us one memory from childhood that directly affected your movement towards making music a career or what influenced you to be attracted to music.

It was October 1976 and I saw KISS on Paul Lynne's Halloween Special. I had heard Rock and Roll all night on the radio, but I had never seen them before. This changed my life forever. I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

6. Favorite band of all time:

This is a hard one... though KISS got me into it (music) and I love Queen and Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden so much....it has to be DIO. Ronnie James Dio made me want to become a singer. He's the greatest singer EVER to me.

7. Tell me your favorite Conway Twitty song. Conway Twitty Cool Fact: Mr. Twitty started his career as a rock star before becoming a country superstar. In fact, he was in rock for ten years before crossing over to country and his song "It's Only Make Believe" was a rock hit that is still one of his biggest hits.

It's Only Make Believe (because its so reminiscent of Elvis Presley to me)

8. Current Playlist - Sidenote: y'all this is uber cool because Devon Mycah, the artist in this playlist of Kevin's is his daughter. Aww - isn't that totally awesome?! I think so... 


9. What would you do without music and how has the profession of music changed your life?

I think I'd be dead if it weren't for music. It has definitely saved my life more than once. As a profession, music is the absolute most frustrating thing ever. All the work and rehearsal and travel and hours and hours of nonsense and dealing with other musicians that just don't have the same passion for it as you....uhhhg! But, its all worth that hour and a half on stage and listening the completed recordings as the reward for it all.

10. Looking around your workspace - take a pic of where you do the majority of your daily work...give us a little description.

You'd see boxes and my LP collection and musical instruments and my studio gear all set up in my somewhat converted garage recording studio I lovingly call The Dungeon.WORK SPACE

11. Biggest challenge our country faces?

Making through the next 4 years without a race war.

12. Worst life experience that became your best blessing.

My youngest daughter having to have open heart surgery at 7 weeks old and now in her teens, shes an absolute miracle.

13. I loved seeing you play with Corrupted Innocence and Rezyn Nation here in Dallas! Then there was Phantom-X. You and your wife Melanie also dove into the bar scene with The Underworld which had bands like Lilian Axe, Fair to Midland, and a slew ot others. How did you go from being a Dallas local/national touring musician and business owner to living in LA?

Well, before I was ever in CI I had already spent close to 10 years in touring bands (mostly cover bands doing 3 one hour sets a night doing everything from Metallica to AC/DC to Queensryche and everything in between). I finally decided to come home and start doing nothing but original music which eventually landed me in CI. I was also doing a punk band at the the same time called Rezyn Nation. Both eventually saw demise and I was in a couple other bands after until I got the gig with Omen. I was in Omen for 8 years the first time. The later 2 years of that stint I was also in the band Phantom-X that I started with bassist, Glenn Malicki. Phantom-X was originally a Ronnie James Dio tribute band that was formed to pass the down time in Omen. PX started writing original tunes and became a whole other beast. What brought me to California was my middle child Devon and I were selected to be on a VH1 reality TV show called I Know My Kids A Star wit host Danny Bonaduce. After we were no longer on the show, Devon ended up getting a manager and booking agent here in LA. We spent a lot of money and time going back and forth from Dallas to LA til when we finally decided to just move to LA. Been here ever since.

14. Song Title based off the Picture in #10:

Welcome To The Dungeon .....lol!

15. To guitar solo or not to solo? What is your preference?

We live in a country where music is extremely trendy (no guitar solos), but I live in a world where guitar solos rule. I love them. To me lead guitar solos are equal to the lead violin in the orchestra. I am so inspired by the guitar when I write music. For me its a must!

16. Finish this sentence: "If a _______ paints a _______ words then ____ can't ___ paint ____"

If a picture paints a thousand word then why can't I paint you ..... David Gates of Bread

17. Best show or most memorable show you've played.

Its a tie between my very first headlining show at the Keep It True festival in Germany 2004 and our most recent show at the Bang Your Head festival in Germany 2014.

18. If you're at home, take a picture of your favorite thing. Attach to this email.


19. Kevin, we go back a while - running in the same circles in the early 1990's music scene here in Dallas. Which is pretty awesome, I was even at your wedding way back then! Knowing me, use a title of a song to describe me from any of Omen's catalog (be nice Gooch!!)

LOL! Thats easy!!!! Don't Fear The Night ... "through all the pain and sorrow you chose to stand alone, out in the dark like the desert sun you've shown."

20. Speaking of relationships, you and your wife have been married for like 20 years, right? What is y'alls secret to staying together when so many couples divorce? 

You have to put others need above your own. We both do that for each other.

21. Provide a link to where people can watch your videos or buy your music:

22. Any plans for Omen to tour in 2017?

Yes. Mexico in January, Spring Bash Milwaukee in April and European tour in May. Then write and record again!!!! Find us on Facebook for all the up to date info on OMEN.

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