The Definition of "It"

Zachary Scott - Vocals


Hello my Sweets! I was driving in my car with the radio cranked up LOUD, listening to It Lies Within; my thoughts were ping-ponging around in my ADHD brain. The song “You Won’t Bury Me” was playing and it starts off totally heavy like a cement house falling from the sky. I mean Zach is growling like a beast and then this beautiful chorus swarms through - a gorgeous melody. The rhythm of the drums remains constant in the background even while some of the tech elements speed up the song; it’s the tom that holds a constant beat. What's totally bizarre and random is, a peace comes over the song, y’all know what I’m talking about. This peace or calmness isn’t supposed to be - logically speaking. For a non-lover of metalcore or PosiMetal as It Lies Within coins themselves, they hear racket and screaming and noise equivalent to nails on chalkboards. Crazy huh?

For this little Birdie though...I hear life. It took preparing for an interview, listening to It Lies Within to receive that. For the first time, I heard all of the life in It Lies Within and then heard it in other songs by other MetalCore artists. I pulled something out of virtually nothing before this interview...And I’m going to be quite honest here. I had no clue that It Lies Within was a “positive message metal” band. (What’s the point in knowing everything about band just to ask them questions you already know the answers to?? I mean really...What’s the point in that??) I don’t roll like that...because if I did - I would miss the beautiful gifts like the one I'm about to share with y'all.

What I hear in MetalCore is the sound of my life. I hear the ups and downs we all experience: the growls when something terrible happens, the screams of fear or the screaming of excitement. I hear the lows slapping underneath it all that grill our subconscious. I hear the riffs of love and happiness met with high, flickering tones or even chaotic strands of mischief that dance and taunt us. I hear I hear the clanging of confusion and the relief that comes from those breaks or pauses in a song. Out of something that's not supposed ot make any sense at all; then comes the poem that binds that all together echoing my sentiments, warn or praise my existence, guide me and validate me.

I hear life.

In a genre of music that is often misunderstood and brushed aside by people because they don’t like the screams or growls - better said, they don’t understand it. It is difficult for an artist to find a place outside the Brotherhood Of MetalCore. Even other artists in the rock/metal genre glance awkwardly at MC bands. Crazy thing about this genre and It Lies Within, it does not seem to bother them in the slightest. I think they actually revel in it.

Chatting with vocalist, Zachary Scott about the upcoming tour (The 11th Plague Tour - tour schedule below), the new record, their place in MetalCore, and where their responsibility lies with their fans - we got to touch on the life aspect of MetalCore.

CB: It Lies Within is a great band name and I was immediately drawn to it. What is IT exactly? 

ZS: Some of our friends joke with us and say "So really what is it that lies within? What is IT exactly?" And over the years, we've been able to really define what that name means. When we started out, our band name honestly wasn't more important than what we wanted to do. Matt (guitarist) and I have been playing music our entire lives basically, and we started this band going into focusing on the music; having a good sound and taking it to the next level. And we were just hanging out one day and we weren't even talking about band names and he just blurts out It Lies Within it was one of those moments where everyone just stopped and everyone just knew what he was saying, without even saying it. We were all like, "ya, that's it".

Even further, we are a positive message metal band. And we don't cram that down people's throats or anything - we listen to everything from Slayer to Killswitch Engage, and more - so to us, it's about bettering yourself and through aggressive music, you know?

it lies withinCB: That's cool - I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes little nuggets just drop from the Universe and we don't know or understand why and arriving at the band's name It Lies Within seems to be one of those nuggets. So in talking about the music, why do y'all think that the mix of screams, growls and melodies in metalcore is so popular or better yet, why does it resonate with so many fans?

ZS: For us, it's (our music) is what pours out of us first and foremost. We all have foundation and background of metal in general. There are so many sub-genres out there today - bands are always being lumped into different genres - and different styles of music. But when it comes to the positive message, it wasn't something that was forced for us. It wasn't like we sat down and mapped out this plan - it just kind of happened when we started writing. We realized it in the first couple of songs that there weren't any swear words in this, our producer Joshua at Dreadcore was like, "This is a pretty cool concept. I've never heard really, songs in a row that are written without the F bomb being dropped". It was like you mentioned earlier, it was like one of those things that we just went to, our niche. Maybe this is what we need to do. The cool thing is that we're taking an aggressive approach at being positive. Regardless of how people need to be reached, I think we found a way that we can do that that is just us and we have a good time doing it.

CB: I touch on this because there are people that are like, "How can you listen to that? It's not music, it's just loud noise," and while on the surface, it is LOUD, I dig it honestly. It’s like I feel all of life when I turn on Upon a Burning Body, y'all, KsE, Times of Grace and it help s me process and get feelings out, ya know? I'm not alone in using this style of music, right?

As a positive message metal band, how to you view your responsibility to your fans old and new? You have over 85K fans on your Facebook and your message becomes a responsibility to maintain your message. How does It Lies Within view this responsibility?

ZS: At first, and still to this day - it's not our intent to cram anything down people's throats. Or for them to say "oh ya they're that positive message band". We want people to say "Man they're a great band!" It just happens to be a part of who It Lies Within is about. And the responsibility flows over from the music to the message. Our fans relate to our trials and tribulations that we talk about in our music to their lives and now we get messages all the time from fans that we answer back. Part of that responsibility, we think is answering them back. We answer every message we get. If our music can move people in a good way, I think we're doing our job. Fans are happy, we're having a good time doing it. I mean we even have a hashtag we use #StayPosi and we coin ourselves "Posi-Core".

Metal music isn't all about satan - there's a lot of good thing that comes out of it. It's a community, a brotherhood and I've met so many people in my lifetime just because of this metal community and it really doesn't make a difference what genre you are playing - music is about a connection and that what music does.

CB: Y'all have played some killer festivals this year. What ones did you play over the summer?

ZS: We played 3 so far this year, the larger ones like DirtFest again this year on the main stage (Killswitch Engage, All That Remains), then drove all the way to New York to play IMatter Festival with Bless the Fall, Memphis May Fire, and our good friends in Sirens and Sailors, can't forget about those guys. It's really cool to see the momentum in the other people that are paying attention to what we're doing and bring us on board. I Matter is a positive message type of festival so it was really neat to be recognized by them. We went all the way down to El Paso to play the Texas Showdown Festival down there. We just have had a great year so far.

it lies within tourIn playing a lot of bigger festivals this year and playing in front of more people than we have and the opportunity to meet more people than we have in our whole career. These people would literally just come up to us and tell us their story and ask if they could pull us aside. Some might think that was weird, but we know what it's about; we have experienced it. That is really what It Lies Within is about. We want to instill that motivation for people that is positive. And on all levels, no matter how successful you are in your band or in a business, we are all the same and we all deserve to have that same respect. And if we did, we'd all be be better - it would be a better place to be.

CB: So when I hear "positive message band" there are a lot of images that come to my mind or a lot of areas that could relate to; religion, sex, drinking/drugs... Tell me what that means for It Lies Within because I really like that and I love the "PosiCore" and the #posimetal - hashtags rock! (#thecherribird, #rockmyfaceoff, #bringit, #bringtheinterview, #metal4life)

ZS: Thank you that means a lot. In terms of religion, each band member has their own view or their own personal religious affiliation. In terms of the music though, you could definitely get a hint of that. We just don't push that on anyone. We want them to take what they can from our lyrics and apply that their life. And if that's what they get out of it, then that's super, super cool. We're definitely open to talk about that, we're not afraid of that or against it. I'm not going to say that all for it either. We're just about being positive. I can even say we party positively. I don't want people to get too sensitive to the word of thinking that we're better than everybody. We're saying to be kind to each other, treat each other how you'd want to be treated. You know the simple rule guidelines that a lot of people are forgetting these days. There are deeper meanings to some of the things we write or what I write. It's just important to let the listener apply what we write to their own lives and that it moves them in a positive, motivational way.

CB: You mentioned that you thought a lot of people have forgotten those simple rules of being kind and treating each other the way we want to be treated. What do you think is our country's biggest challenge to overcome?

ZS: Without getting into politics or anything like that - I don't really look at things as a problem. I look at it like let's just start working harder towards the good things that we do. Right foot forward. Look at the glass as being 1/2 full and not 1/2 empty and say hey, these things work. The world is working better when we do these things (positively). Instead of focusing on all the negative and the bad things. I think just by twisting your mind around, really. You wake up in the morning and think positive things, a lot more gets done in life. I think it takes more than one person to do that.

CB: I think you guys are a huge influencer on obtaining that goal - spreading the message of positivity - for yourselves and your fans. I've talked to a lot of bands over the last two weeks and in asking this question, I've been given the same answer but in different ways. Unity or togetherness has been the answer from everyone. And your answer is no different - using positivity to bring people together for the greater good, ya know? We want the same thing. Are ya picking up what I'm putting down?

ZS: Oh, ya definitely. We are the ones that have the voice. We are the ones that can say something, and I say use it.


So, ya my Lovelies - each of us has a voice and we have the power to make changes. Those changes can be within or they can be external. Sometimes I think we look at the world around us as being to big to make a difference. And we've heard stories of how people have changed themselves or changed the things around them; movies are made from stories like these. Unity and togetherness is possible and it is within our grasp.

We just have to believe that it is and then those wheels will move the mechanisms that push us forward. Talking to people like Zach; a complete stranger nonetheless, that feels the same way I do is a variable that cannot be ignored, right? I mean how do you ignore that gift? You don't. You take it and you run with it - you do what you need to do to make those changes happen. 

Like Zach says, "...we are the ones that can say something and I say use it." So, will you use your voice? 


MuchLove & MadRespect - 

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