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I've already told you how killer this Jersey band; Ashes of My Regrets new EP is. In fact, I ran down all of the songs for ya, right? Well, their EP drops tomorrow (November 4th, 2016) so you'd better go snag it. Go on - I'll wait...

Ashes of My Regrets have been on my pinboard for a few months now. I had the opportunity to chat with Chris Ferland (vocals) about their new EP "Caricatures". Y'all, I love it when I meet someone that actually gives a poop: about themselves, their friend's lives, the world - and I love it like Doublemint Gum back in the day, when they're young and have a passion for being alive. I love it when this has been fueled with the by-product of depression, angst, relationships, darkness, and sadness; and I love it when the output is straight up metal. 

Identifying with what other people felt or were going through and translating that to music; isn't as easy as one might think. Contrary to what some might think - this really isn't necessarily always the case with Chris, though...

CB: So what I want to ask you might be difficult to talk about. I want you to talk about your position on suicide or how suicide has played into your music. 

CF: Are you talking like about our lyrics or how our lyrics are? Ya, I think - well, I write pretty much all of the lyrics, and for me, I've been through a time in my past that was the only thing on my mind was how to end it. It never got to the point where I tried I was just thinking about it a lot. "Daydreams", the new single, that song starts off at the beginning like hopeless and hard. And as the song goes on, "you have to learn to love - " you personally will make everything worse for you if you keep dwelling on things. Helping other people, for me, genuinely helps me to feel better. So, I've been through depression issues. Where people have betrayed me - a lot of the songs came from those times. They're all things that I have personally been through.

CB: Suicide or those desperate and painful undertones, show up in your writing, the listener can identify - I can identify. But there's a fine line between thinking of ending it and actually doing it. I often wonder in that second, before they're done - do they regret it? I think that if someone has said, "I've never thought about killing myself" - I think they're not being honest. I think they're f*cking lying, honestly. It doesn't make you a bad person to have thought that. Life gets really hard sometimes and I think the thoughts cross a human's minds.

CF: I think you're right. I feel like the strongest people go through the most things. Yeah, hell yeah. I wouldn't change anything that has happened (to me). I wouldn't have what I have to relate to fans or pour on the page. I wouldn't be able to make music or be like (happy/content) am now.

CB: I don't identify with happy music much. I like the songs that bring out the emotions so that I can process stuff properly, ya know? That way I can listen to the happy music and enjoy it! LOL!

CF: Me either (laughs). I'm like, I love it when it's raining outside. I've always been attracted to the darker side of everything. Writing lyrics and music for me helps - we're (the band) are together. We just put things out, riffs - and then we just kind of put it all together. Brandon is a better guitar player but making the music with the guys is great.

CB: Does this process help process the negative; the demons if you will.

chris ashes of my regretsCF: I've told people that are going through bad shit, that is hard. I tell them, I will tell people to genuinely go do something that you love. I do that with writing songs. Once everyhting is done, about the song; it's a weird way to cope, but it's a release. I am so proud of lyric, I feel so proud about not only the lyric but what I've gone through and it feels like it's finished, ya know?

CB: Isaac Asimov, the scifi writer said, "Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers".  As an artist that writes and performs metal; loud and fierce - and you get that release from this style - do you think you can (or have you ever) gotten something out of like country, blues, classical - can you pick up on things from other artists in other genres? 

CF: Other genres, oh ya. It just depends on the song. I'm really into Halsey - she just came out. I like a little bit of everything. I doesn't matter though what genre. For sure I think I can get things out of other kinds of songs. 

CB: What is the biggest lesson you've learned: either in life for you personally - or with the band?

CF: When it comes to bandwise - that's hard question - but I think we've learned that having a plan behind us is so important. It makes such a difference. Having a plan and people behind us to help; a music video with a producer - having people promote it and such. That's what I've learned...hell yeah.

ashes of my regrets band picCB: Tour coming up, right?

CF: Yeah, we're scheduling one for the end of the year.

CB: Y'all have to get down to Texas - Dallas or Fort Worth - and let me know when you're going to be here so I can come out!

CF: I heard Texas gets down though - we definitely wanna come there for sure! We will let you know

CB: What band would you want to tour with - dead or alive?

CF: Bring Me the Horizon, they're in this genre - they have such great lyrics and shit. They are the ones that got me into this genre - I'd love to tour with them.

CB: Biggest influences?

CF: Motionless in White, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me the Horizon - we all have different influences, right? But those are who really kinda steered me into this genre. 

Ashes of my regrets COVER

CB: Let's chat little about the cover art for your EP. 

CF: Ya, so ya know she's looking at 5 different views of herself, in 5 different mirrors or reflections. And the whole meaning of Caricatures - like all the voices at the beginning of that song - it's an exaggeration of a trait. It means all of our human emotions and things like that sometimes they're emphasized more than other times. We all have different things inside of us. You can chose which one can be caricaturized more or emphasized more. It's your choice at the end of the day. 

CB: how old are y'all? 

CF: I'm 22 and Brian is 22. The others are 19.

CB: My gawd...I could be y'alls mother. And that's a good thing because if a 47 year old mom can rock out to y'all then anyone under my ancient-ness can dig y'all, huh? Ha!! But that's a really great place to be in - very awesome to appeal to such a wide scope of fans - metal, rock, metalcore - whatever!

CF: Hellya, that's awesome! 

CB: It takes a lot to impress me...wait...that's not true, I can't say that. Music always impresses me, first and foremost. How bands can create music - like everyone is playing something different that sounds killer together - that is baffling...but what I mean is - it takes a lot to make an impression on me through lyrics and the song itself. There is something different about y'all and I haven't followed y'all for long, but you're so diverse - you're on the right path.

CF: Thank you, that means a lot. It's like so cool to hear that we don't sound like anyone else or that we've made an impression on someone, that's really cool so thank you very much. 

CB: So I've read where you want your music to make a difference in someone's life. Tell me about that - every band says that, but how do y'all wanna actually do that?

CF: We want to identify with people and make them understand that they're not alone. It can be dark sometimes, but it can become different. And through music, hopefully our music, some of that can go away or get better. It's all in helping people, ya know? I would love for our music to do that.


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Ashes of My Regrets EP drops today and by the way - it's probably finished downloading so go over and give it a spin, put it in your playlist, iPod, Google Play - whatever it is that you listen with. Help drag these guys out of Jersey on a tour so they can share "Caricatures" with as many people as they can. Remember what Chris said about helping people? Ya, let's do that, k? Until next time my Loves...


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