9electric the damaged ones


The Damaged Ones


Another Century


9 Out Of 10 Stars


Reviewed By: Craig “Bam-Bam” Stegall



Aggro-Rock-Cyber-Punks 9ELECTRIC are, in 2016, EXACTLY what I enjoyed listening to and spinning on my affiliated radio stations just before the end of the 20th Century. Regardless of the fact that my lengthy immaturity has always kept me at least 15-years behind the downward curve of my similarly aged cohorts as far as my musical tastes, this Industrial Nine Inch Nails-meets-Powerman5000 style has nearly always dominated my earfood diet throughout the early to current Y2K’s and I am in no way deciding to apologize for it more than 16-years in. As a matter of fact, you, dear reader, can choose to embrace that as well, or move on to the next bit of content we so dedicatedly provide here at SKoM...cool?

Now, with that unwarranted bit of “hauling ass when not even being chased” info, I happily introduce to you; the amazingly relevant yet just left-of-center talents of former Opiate For The Masses (another INCREDIBLY underrated band of the early 2000’s) vocalist Ron Thunderwood and his clan of psycho-electric cronies that have been joined to bring us the Amazingly Metal, Insanely Fist-Pumping, Deathly Serious Montage Of Mayhem; The Damaged Ones”. What we have here, kiddies, is an album worthy of being placed beside Sevendust’s Animosity, Korn’s Follow The Leader and Filter’s The Amalgamut(hmmm, ironically, I just realized that two of those three were brilliantly produced by the aurally attentive Mr. Ben Grosse...go figure...) with nary a questionmark lighting the way. That said, if you’re still growing grass under your ass and not scrambling to iTunes in order to purchase this blip of brilliance, let me do a little more of a breakdown for ya, you slowpoke, Netflix, empty calorie sucking, fuckers!

The title track kicks this little gem off with a slightly different feel than what fans like me remember from their 2014 E.P., Control. Instead of blasing out of the box with a live crowd favorite like Time Bomb as was so perfectly placed at the masthead of the earlier work, the boys feel it necessary to “work their way up” to the moneyshot before just unloading in yer face, son! The Damaged Onesfires midtempo much like that late-night, drunken handjob behind a dumpster after you managed a few cool words to the last bitch in the joint...or is that just something only I understand? Hmmmm....let’s carry on: the album’s first single and video (see below) New Godfollows with all the intensity pimped by most of the ’02 OzzFest mainstage acts so you may wanna earmark that one for easy location, gang. From here, the next six tracks are just icepicks to the eardrums with “Goodbye” (as Thunder intros it in the live show; Here’s a song about killing your Ex...”) being the #1 Crowd Fave. However, like a band that cleverly places their big finish out of visual recognition until all of a sudden it morphs out of the ether which was, literally seconds ago, a White Castle slider sitting in front of you after a healty Kush-bender, More Morearrives and pokes your sensible virginity with all the subtlety of an elephant’s cock! I LOVE THIS SONG...I’m literally listening to it right this second.

Look, peeps, I’m not gonna keep belaboring the subject here; we’re all adults, with me obviously being the questionable part of that statement...You’re all perfectly capable of going to whatever online source you see fit and previewing this musical menstral cycle that bleeds just for shits-n-gigs, so please exude your rights and go see if my recent sobriety is in any way clouding my senses. 9Electric is THE band to go see live, and The Damaged Onesa welcome soundtrack to these fucked up times in which we should just find ourselves laughing at because...life ain’t so bad....or IS it?

Very, Very Highly Recommended as is the fellas’ live show (see tourdates for their package alongside labelmates Stitched Up Heart and Gemini Syndrome below).

For more info, please visit http://www.9electric.com/home/

Tourdates w/ STICHED UP HEART & GEMINI SYNDROME: http://www.bandsintown.com/9ELECTRIC

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