An Editorial by: Slim Jim Keller
I am fucking gutted.
I can't even put into words right now what a loss this is to the world of music and to me.
I had the privilege and honor to travel to NYC in 2005 and see Lemmy & Mötorhead with COC and Brand New Sin.
I was given access to shoot the show. It was my first Mötorhead show ever.
I always liked Mötorhead's music, but never 'got' the whole 'Lemmy is god!' 'Mötorhead or death' thing.
In fact I never got a lot of their music. It was good, it was ok, but it wasn't on my top list of must have albums.

motorhead 12mar05 24
That all changed in March of 2005. When I traveled to New York City to see Brand New Sin, Corrosion of Conformity, and Mötorhead. I was writing at the time for (R.I.P.) and knew the boys of Brand New Sin pretty well. So a friend of mine and I decided we had to go to NYC and see what was in my mind one of the greeatest touring packages ever on one stage.

When Mötorhead took the stage, Lemmy did his famous introduction, and they launched into their first song... I got 'it'. I did. It all made sense to me then. It wasn't punk with a tinge of metal to it, it wasn't metal with a flare of punk to top it off. It wasn't hard rock, and it wasn't anything else. It was MÖTORHEAD. And it was AWESOME. I had my camera in my hand, I should have been taking pictures. I had the whole set free to shoot which is a remarkable thing. But I was transfixed. I was transported. I was simply blown away. I spent their entire set glued to the floor in front of the PA at B.B. King's Blues Club with 800 people behind me crushing the barricade, and there was nothing else in the world for those 90 minutes.

After the show I got to meet and talk to Lemmy for a bit. He was cool, he was cordial, and he was Lemmy Fucking Kilmister.

We kidnapped Mikkey Dee that night and took him back to the flat we were staying at and partied till sunrise. It was a night I will never forget.
It was a night I met Lemmy. It was a night I saw MÖTORHEAD for the first time. It was the night of stories, the night of ridiculously good live music, and the stuff of legends.

I've feared this day for a while now. Lemmy hasn't been in good health. But, It's Lemmy, he's a fucking god! Lemmy can't die.
Sadly, that is exactly what happened today. From a short bout with some kind of cancer he just found out about 2 days ago!

But I will not mourn, I will celebrate. I will take my ORGASMATRON album, and my NO SLEEP TILL HAMMERSMITH and I will wreck my speakers with them. I will blast Lemmy & Co as loud as possible and rattle some goddamned heads in his honer.

Thank you Lemmy, for your music, for your words, for your conversation.
Thank you sir, for your legacy.