An Editorial by Slim Jim Keller

Written on December 4th at 4:00AM CST


Let me be clear here.

I wish Scott Weiland no ill will. Addiction is a motherfucker. We don't know yet that he died 'of' drugs, but pretty sure he will have died 'because' of drugs. There is a difference. One is an overdose, the other from your body betraying you because you abused it so long with drugs.


I wish Scott Weiland no ill will. But he was not a good front man, he was not a good singer, and thanks to drugs he was not a good human being. He was not the 'voice of my childhood'. He was not the 'voice of my adolescence'. He was not the 'voice of my anything'.


I wish Scott Weiland no ill will. I do not envy myself having to wade through endless memorials and stories and tributes and recollections, and child hood memories about how he 'spoke to my soul as an angsty youth'. Because I never thought him a good front man, a good vocalist, and he never 'spoke' to me. But I run a music website. I take pictures of bands and artists, I interview bands and artists, I review live shows and albums of bands and artists, and I provide a news outlet. I provide an editorial outlet. And I am compelled to report on the story whether I really want to or not. How and why are within my control. This isn't TMZ. The headlines and articles will not be salacious in nature. But I will continue to post stories and articles about the life and death of Scott Weiland, though I I wish him no ill will, as I see fit.


I wish Scott Weiland no ill will. The threshold of my empathy for seeing post after post after post of the 'loss' of Scott Weiland has already been exceeded. Where were you when he canceled a show the night before his death because only 100 out of 1,700 tickets had been sold? Where were when his new band The Wildabouts released their album? You were sitting at home. You might have been listening to Core, or Purple, but its doubtful. Most likely you hadn't listened to, heard, or thought about Scott Weiland in years. And now, you mourn, so the story can be about you.


I wish Scott Weiland no ill will. But I don't care what you think of him now. How you will miss his voice and his charisma. I saw him perform in May and it was one of the worst shows I've seen in ages. His voice was shot, there was no energy on stage whatsoever and his 'charisma' was completely non existent to me.


I wish Scott Weiland no ill will. I have empathy for the man behind the addiction. And I feel for his family and friends and what his addiction has put them through. 


I wish Scott Weiland no ill will. But I'm over the story already.


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