Anna Stesia come to me
Talk to me, ravish me
Liberate my mind
Tell me what you think of me
Praise me, craze me
Out this space and time



So I've been good all day.

Reading all the stories, all the inspiration that the Purple One gave to so many.

And it didn't hurt. It wasn't like Merle's passing. Not until I saw Corey Taylor perform Purple Rain the night of Prince's death at First Avenue in Minneapolis (you can see it below)

I have been a Prince fan since 82 when I first saw 1999 on Mtv. I was blown away. It wasn't my cup of tea normally, I was still deep into Country but there was something about Prince, and Wendy and Lisa that stirred something in me.

I immediately went out and bought the album. The music was intoxicating.

I soon went and purchased Dirty Mind and Controversy.

And when Purple Rain came out I was first in line for the album and for the movie.

Prince opened my ears to something new, something I had never heard, but he did something else... He taught me. Not about sex, but about sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality. His music was the closest thing to fucking for me.

It was a style, a force, an entity to be reckoned with.

His music, his style, his guitar playing, his lyrics, just oozed sexuality. And his voice, was pure sensuality.

It was puzzling for a 13 year old to sense this from another man. But Prince wasn't just another man... Prince was Fucking PRINCE.

I remember hanging out in 87 with some 'older' girls who worked at Wet Seal at the mall.

Sign O’ The Times came out and you couldn’t pry those cassettes out of my hand or out of my stereo.

I learned an important lesson with that album. Girls LOOOOOOOOOOVED Prince. And if you had some Prince, and you liked Prince, then the girls liked you.

My mixtape of Prince essentially fucking on tape was pure pussy magnet. There was a magic that came out of the speakers and girls just dropped the panties. No liquor, no pot, no begging needed.

That all changed though in 1988 when Lovesexy dropped. That fucking disc was one long song. You had to listen to the WHOLE thing to hear one particular song if you owned the CD.
Genius marketing really.

Anna Stesia was the 4th ‘track’ on the album. I was in San Francisco. I was in pure lust and infatuation with a woman 10 years older than me. And Anna Stesia was teaching me about bi-sexuality, androgyny, re-teaching me about sensuality, and a higher love. A god’s love, not your ‘god’ but the god/goddess of love.

Again, the man opened my eyes to something more. Just an openness, a way to be a light, to give and nor worry about the take, to just be, accept and be accepted.

And then the Batman Soundtrack. That changed the way music was used/marketed in and for movies forever. That was huge. A mad scientist in a lab is how I picture Prince in the studio. And he came out with some of the funkiest licks he ever put down.

The man released an album almost EVERY YEAR. Almost. Even fighting his label, and changing his name he still released albums. He was prolific, even if he didn’t always hit the mark.

I joined the Navy, and Prince got a new band. To me it was never as good as it was with The Revolution. There were good songs here and there, but it just wasn’t the same.

20110323 IMG 6721 copy
In 2011 I had the chance to finally see Prince live. It was 2 hours plus of amazing music. He and his band just KILLED it. It was magic to behold. There was an encore, and then the lights came up. We were front row, so we could never really see the full stage as it was so high, so we went up in the venue to take some pictures of the stage, which was in the middle of the arena shaped like his symbol. As we stood there taking pictures, the band slowly came back out. And then Prince came out and did the most killer version of DMSR I’ve ever heard. With all the lights up, with almost 90% of the crowd gone. We were all pressed up against the stage (we weren’t allowed near the stage during the show.) It was a special moment, and one that I will never forget. It was the best part of the night. A little gift from an incredible artist to his fans.

Regardless of how or why Prince died, he will always be remembered for the copious amounts of music he gave us. There is a vault, with more music than he ever released just waiting to be heard I’ve read.

And so tonight I sit in a hotel room in Dallas, TX. The buildings downtown are purple to honor and respect the man that has given us all so much. Taught us all so much about music, about love, about sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality. And listening to a facsimile of my old Prince mixtape. Wishing it were 1999 again and we could all just party the light fantastic with the Purple One again.


"We could live for a little while
If you could just learn to smile
You and I could fly away, fly away."