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"Sometimes, the thoughts that travel out through my fingers into my words, are louder than the sounds they make falling out of my mouth."  

It can be hard coordinating schedules with artists for interviews. Since 9 time outta 10 someone is in the middle coordinating dates and times with the media and the artist making sure everyone is on the same page becomes a huge challenge and let's not even think of the nightmare if you're a publicist with a ton of bands on your roster. 

My Inbox was flooded earlier in the month with Press Requests and I was bumbed that I would have to start doing something different because I couldn't possibly do phoners with everyone. I kept thinking of the email interview and how could I give the readers something to take away from an article about an Up & Coming Band, or something completely different from a veteran of rock that they had not run across before or better yet that hadn't been published yet from an artist.

Well, after some thinking and looking at other publication's interviews, I came up with a cool little balance between just tryping words, to connecting with the reader interactively! Enter the "Flagged" Feature interview on where the artist interacts with me in a static kind of way at first - but then becomes fluid, with some really cool movement when it is all put together.

See first hand with the Minneapolis band Late Night Fights and Ryan Guanzon had to say in this Flagged interview! 


1. Really like the band name. It reminds me of college or like being in your 20's ... so many late night fights, am I right??! It's kind of odd now, to think about having a fight with whomever late at night. 
Tell me where the band name comes from.

The name came from fights of all sorts­; a tough guy at the bar trying to grab my girlfriend and getting into a fistfight, being up all night with a bunch of shit on your mind, and all of the animals of the night in ripping each other up that you never see or hear about.

2. How did you decide on the theme of your video?

We’ve all been in a relationship with someone who turns out to not be who they seem. Sometimes you find out that it’s more extreme than you ever imagined. It seems especially now people hide shit when you’re dating. It happened to me and we tried to make a fun video with the idea.


3. So, as you're doing this interview ­ unless you're in your all­together (no one wants to see you sitting on the crapper or nekid on your couch or lying on a bear skin rug - well, some of us right...ehum...anywhoo...) ­ take a selfie of where you're sitting filling out this most entertaining and best interview you've ever had (ok, that was added after the fact...I admit).



4. Tell us one memory from childhood that directly effected your movement or attraction to music.

hendrixI remember seeing the first Woodstock video and Jimi Hendrix starting his guitar on fire and just getting extremely engulfed in the feedback and noises it was making. That was when I became obsessed with rock n roll.





5. Favorite band of all time:

Guanz: Rage Against The Machine
Shane: Rush 
Daniel: Neurosis

6. Tell me your favorite Whitney Houston song.

whitney houston ftrDamn, haha!! Greatest Love of All

7. What music is on your phone? Do you have a favorite playlist? Screenshot it and attach to this email.

Here’s my recently played:


 8. Mac or PC?


9. Who would you tour with if you could tour with any band ­ together or not.

RATM, Alice In Chains, Refused, Deftones

10. Take your phone camera, put it on selfie mode and take a picture of what's over your left shoulder. 


11. Biggest challenge our country faces?

Discrimination and not embracing technological advances.

12. Worst life experience that became your best blessing.

My mother had a surgery gone terribly wrong while writing Jousthouse. She was in a coma for a week and almost lost her. The odds were against her but miraculously she came out of it. The longest nights of my life were when she was in a coma. But that wasn’t all. I caught my girlfriend at the time with someone else, and my extended family was falling apart. My girlfriend at the time was on a banging spree and my cat had renal failure. Somehow I was able to focus all of that in to the record. Check out “Detonator” and “A Beautiful Lie” and you can hear what I’m talking about.

13. How has music made your life better?

Like I just mentioned, it is a to put negative energy into a positive outlet. It’s been a source of escape, hope, and healing since I was a kid. My parents would beat the shit out of each other and I would crank up Nirvana and Pantera until I could get lost in it. Performing songs and reaching out to people and touching their lives is the greatest feeling on the planet.

14. Look at #10 and the picture. Title a song from what you see.

"What If” (Scott Stapp is sound checking behind me)

15. To guitar solo or not to solo? What is your preference?

Depends on the song and the moment. More often than not a two ­note lead is way cooler than a million note shred.

16. Finish this sentence: "If a _______ paints a _______ words then ____ can't ___ paint ____”

If Lil’ Jon paints a poet's words then bob ross can’t paint shit

17. Best show or most memorable show you've played.

I played Carolina Rebellion when I was with [previous band] New Meds. Hed form Korn showed up and hung out at our RV all day, then re­joined the band for the first time in several years. It was bad ass! There were so many damn good bands at that show­ Shinedown, Chevelle, Halestorm, Five Finger. 

18. If you're at home, take a picture of your favorite thing.

I’m not at home but my favorite things are with me, and they are my guitars.

19. If you're not at home, take a picture of something you wish was yours that you can see, in your vicinity. Attach to this email.

I am at a hotel bar and the only thing I want is this whiskey that I am drinking.

21. Best part of "Jousthouse"? What should my favorite song be?

The cool part about Jousthouse is it is dynamic. I personally love playing Detonator and Galvanize the best live, but The Only One is a catchy favorite of many I’m told.

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